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Dreametech L10 ultra robot vacuum and mop combo reviews & price in Canada

Does Dreametech L10 ultra robot vacuum and mop combo have self emptying feature? It can automatically recognise different floor kinds to decide whether to hoover or mop, and mapping after its initial flight is quite precise. The robot vacuum is extremely simple to operate with the app. It sounds quite fantastic; automatic emptying, easy navigation, personalised cleans with AI, strong suction, remote supervision, voice commands, and more. Discover more in Dreametech L10 ultra robot vacuum and mop combo reviews & price in Canada.

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Pros & Cons


  • Approach of “set it and forget it”
  • Efficiency of cleaning
  • Both vacuums and mops are used simultaneously.
  • Excellent Google Home and Alexa integration
  • Automatically recognises when the floor type has changed.Simple to use app
  • As efficiently as it vacuums, it mop


  • substantial regular maintenance is necessary
  • extremely loud while emptying
  • Having trouble cleaning spills off of hard floors
  • No base station self-cleans.

Dreametech L10 Specs

  • Dimensions of the product: 350 x 350 x 97mm (13 x 13 x 3 in).
  • 3.7 kilogrammes (8.1 pounds)
  • 5,200mAh battery capacity
  • Volume of the dust box: 350 mL Water Tank 80mL in volume, 5,300Pa in maximum suction, and 59dB(A) in lowest noise.
  • Base Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 22 inches (423 x 340 mm).
  • Base Weight: 19.6 pounds (8.9 kg)
  • Threshold Crossing: 2cm (0.78in)
  • Dust Bag Volume: 3L
  • Clean Water Tank: 2.5L
  • Used Water Tank: 2.4L
  • Maximum Runtime*: 160 minutes for vacuuming only in quiet mode and 210 minutes for both.

Source: Dreamtech

Dreametech L10 Price

The most expensive robot vacuum we’ve tested on TechRadar to date, it can be purchased directly from the Dreametech website or from resellers like Amazon US and Amazon UK for the eye-watering price of $1,299.99 / £1,099.99. The iRobot Roomba Combo J7 Plus, which costs $1,099.99/£999/AU$2,199, is the closest competitor robot vacuum at this price range. The main distinction between these two models is that the Combo J7 Plus lacks self-cleaning capabilities.

Compare Dreametech L10 ultra robot vacuum and mop combo

Dreametech L10 UltraDreametech L10s UltraDreametech Z10 Pro
Suction Power5300pa5300pa4000Pa
Clean MethodSelf-Cleaning, Auto EmptySelf-Cleaning, Auto EmptyVacuum and Mop, Auto Empty
Obstacle Avoidance MethodLidar+Mechanical impact plateLidar+3D structured light + AILidar+3D Obstacle Avoidance
Empty Size60 days60 days65 days
Mop FunctionDual Rotary MopDual Rotary MopBasic Mop
App & Voice Control
Auto solution refill

Dreametech L10 ultra robot vacuum and mop combo reviews

Build & design

The robot appears to be sturdy and able to survive the occasional bump thanks to the good build quality. The base station is nicely built as well, however the top flap and the sealing mechanism that closes the water tanks are quite flimsy. Its dimensions are similarly typical, measuring 13 by 13 by 3 inches with the LIDAR dome mounted on top.

Three buttons that may be used to turn the robot vacuum on and off are located on the top of the device. Additionally, there are three buttons on the base tanks’ top that you may use to start emptying, washing, and drying mop pads.


After each cleaning, a base bag collects and stores the dust and debris. The vacuum will automatically clean and dry the mop pads, but you will need to manually clean the base because it does get soiled.

Self emptying

The self-emptying and self-cleaning capabilities of the Dreametech L10 Ultra are by far its best feature. This hoover requires only minor maintenance, such as filling the water tank with water and emptying the dust bin.

A game-changer is the base that self-empties. It enables the robot to automatically empty its trash bin, allowing for up to 60 days of nonstop cleaning. With this function, dustbin emptying is done much less frequently, simplifying maintenance.


5,300pa of suction is available for this robot hoover to take up practically anything embedded in your carpet. Additionally, there are two rotating mops underneath to make sure that your hard floors are thoroughly cleaned. The finest feature is an ultrasonic carpet sensor, which not only stops cleaning when it transitions from hard floors to carpet but also raises the mop pads.

Cleaning & Moping

The mop on the DreameBot L10 Ultra can raise and lower itself as necessary, which is a convenient feature. When carpet or rugs are found when cleaning, the mop pad will be raised slightly to lessen the likelihood of wetting the item.

The mopping job was done well. Instead of drawing more dirt into the dirty water tank, the docking station leaves a significant amount of it behind when it automatically cleans the mop pads.

It was equally impressive to mop. The 180 rpm twin mop heads of the robot apply firm pressure while spinning at 180 rpm to remove tenacious debris from hard floors. My floors seemed as though I had recently mopped them with my stick mop thanks to this agitation and the L10S Ultra’s water and cleaning agent combination.

Battery life

The robot vacuum is advertised to have a runtime of up to 210 minutes, but this is only when vacuuming in Quiet mode. If you vacuum and mop in Quiet mode, you can expect a runtime of 160 minutes. The Dreametech L10 Ultra was returning to base after each clean, which lasted for no more than 30 minutes throughout the 375 sq ft ground floor of my home, so I was unable to assess the accuracy in both cases.


The Dreametech L10s Ultra generates a lot of noise, which is the one thing that caught me off guard a little. 52 to 65 dB during self-cleaning, 63 dB while mopping, 70 dB during vacuuming, and 87 dB during self-emptying; the latter’s noise level is comparable to that of a noisy restaurant or a food blender in use. The device must also need a lot of electricity to self-empty because until I moved it to another plug, it tripped the fuse every time it did so after a clean in my home.

Dreametech L10 ultra Apps

The robot vacuum is extremely simple to operate with the app. Your home is precisely mapped on the first visit. I appreciate that you can set up cleaning zones so, for instance, you’re sweeping and/or mopping only the areas that require it. You can also schedule and customise cleans. Pet owners can utilise the integrated camera and microphone to check on or comfort their animal pals or to monitor the Dreametech L10s Ultra’s progress while cleaning.

You can alter the cleaning procedure in a few ways, such as by sending it to a particular room or zone or choosing whether it should sweep and mop concurrently. Additionally, the suction strength and humidity of the mop pad can be chosen. Smartly, these settings can be changed and stored separately for each room.

Both are completely compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa in the sense that you can ask the bot to start and dock itself as well as clean a particular room by speaking to it. The robot may be operated through the base station’s buttons and the top buttons in addition to the app and voice assistants.

Additionally, you may specify the order in which the rooms should be cleaned using the app’s customization features. Alternatively, you may just let the bot run its course, and it will automatically clean rooms by switching between various spaces to allow them to dry.

Dreametech L10 ultra robot vacuum and mop combo Performance reviews

The Dreamebot L10s Ultra does a great job, mostly because of its bristleless rubber brush and 5,300 Pa suction power, which are very useful on carpets. The rotating mops are also excellent for cleaning hard floors, especially when combined with the cleaning solution, which by exerting sufficient pressure on the surface, gently eliminates dirt without leaving any streaks or stains.

Dreametech L10 ultra robot vacuum and mop combo Consumer reviews

Good looking station, mixed feelings about the vacuum

Just bought it and was disappointed that the dreame app doesn”t have the option for the vacuum. I had to use MiHome app instead which is with limited functionality in comparison to dreame app as shown in reviews and pictures. Otherwise the vacuum looks great. Mapping of my 132m² apt was done in 15 min which is impressive. Did a test run of it, cleaning patterns are good but the vacuum had to struggle to even move on my fluffy carpet and issues getting on a thin carpet in the kitchen as it”s very light and flipped it over or got stuck in the wheels so it skipped cleaning both of them. I didn”t expected it to run on the fluffy carpet but the thin mattress issue was disappointing. Let”s see how it performs in future.

By Mehra at Dreamtech

Dreametech L10 ultra robot vacuum and mop combo alternative

Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni

Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni specs: Battery life: 150 minutes | Wi-Fi: Yes | Dimensions: 14.25 x 17.64 x 22.76 inches

The Deebot T10 Omni, a two-in-one device from Ecovacs that can handle any flooring surface, was just released. You can be confident that even your dirtiest floors will get cleaned thanks to its 5,000Pa suction capacity and turbo rotating mop heads that oscillate 180 times per minute.

It also includes an automatic washing feature, which makes it much more appealing for households with constantly dirty floors like mine. You can set the machine to wash the mop heads every 6, 10, or 15 minutes while doing a cleaning task.

No matter how thoroughly I wipe my dogs’ paws when they enter through the back door, some dirt and a few prints are always left. The T10 Omni has done a good job of cleaning up after them.

Separately, the Deebot T10 Omni does a great job at mopping and vacuuming. But before it can handle carpet and rugs, the mop heads need to be manually attached and removed. You don’t need to worry about that because the built-in AI understands to stay away from your soft flooring surfaces while the mop heads are attached. However, if you want your robot hoover and mop to be completely hands-free, keep that in mind. The T10 Omni cleans beautifully if you don’t mind having to manually add and remove mop heads as needed.

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