FULLJA WiFi digital picture frame review


Is it worth investment on FULLJA WiFi digital picture frame? It has weather, clock, and other features but we just leave it in the photo slideshow mode all the time. You can set how often you want the photo to change. The touch screen and interface works better than I expected. The user interface is still a little clunky but it has a step by step walk through to get you setup and I had pictures loaded on the frame from my wife’s phone in less than 5 minutes. Get details in FULLJA WiFi digital picture frame review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Touchscreen.
  • Motion detection works
  • Setup is easy
  • Plays sound.
  • Screen quality is excellent.
  • Short video clips too.
  • High res, great image


  • The back isn’t flat
  • It gives the feel of a lightweight plastic

Specs – FULLJA WiFi digital picture frame

  • 19” wide viewing angle panel with 1440*900 pixel, high definition clear ultra-stable dynamic display effect, more delicate picture quality.
  • Built-in large 32GB storage, supports TF card or USB max 128 GB/micro USB.
  • Free app with unlimited cloud space for instant wireless sharing, photo&video available.
  • Easy operation touch screen, more convenient to use.
  • Private and safe pics/videos phone/email to frame. Easy setup, You can bind device with VPhoto app and email in a few steps.
  • Fits your home decor perfectly anywhere. You can place it in a portrait or landscape or hang it on the wall.
  • Full function as well as multiple customized settings to support your better use experience and meet your diverse needs.
  • A perfect gift idea for your loved ones that helps you feel closer together.

Compare FULLJA WiFi digital picture frame

FULLJA Smart Photo Frame 9 inch(WIFI)FULLJA Smart Photo Frame 10.1 inch(WIFI)FULLJA Smart Photo Frame 15 inch(WIFI)FULLJA Smart Photo Frame 17 inch(WIFI)
Display Size9 inch10.1 inch15 inch17 inch
Touch screen
Display Aspect Ratio4:316:104:34:3
Built-in StorageBuilt-in 16GB, Micro USB/ TFBuilt-in 16GB, Micro USB/ TFBuilt-in 32GB, USB/ Micro USB/ TFBuilt-in 32GB, USB/ Micro USB/ TF
Motion Sensor
Video Call

FULLJA WiFi digital picture frame review


The frame is matte black plastic with angled corners. There is a white border between the display and the frame. The frame is very lightweight and connects via a small wall wart.


 11-inch high-resolution 2176 x 1600 pixels display(2K) shows great contrast, high quility pictures and videos, even play music. Its dimension is 12.16 x 3.14 x 9.72 inches and weighs around 3.01 pounds.


It comes with a USB-A to USB micro connector on the frame, so you’ll need an adapter to load photos off of your phone (I didn’t test this feature, but I can confirm that loading photos onto the TF card and then inserting the TF card into the frame works well).


The screen is proper 2K HD and sharp and vibrant. The brightness is not as high as that of a high end monitor but bright enough to easily see in the vast majority of home lighting environments.

The touch screen is nice and makes it easy to navigate. The motion sensor is a great addition as well that will extend the life of the panel, being off when nobody is around conserving colors more even and even saving energy.


You can share photos from Smartphone to Fullja digital picture frame via wi-fi network at anytime and from anywhere and without cloud storage limit, and it just needs a few steps to activate, no need to create an account, no need Facebook or twitter. You can also use a TF card or micro USB. It’s super easy! FULLJA wifi digital picture frame has 16GB Built in memory for large photos storage (about 6000 pcs).


The vPhoto app is free and easy to obtain from the app store. vPhoto has a very similar appearance as Frameo (another app for digital picture frames, it is probably the same white label app.

The app allows you to invite other people to share their photos to your frame so that when they upload a photo to the app, you’ll see it in your frame no matter where they are in the world as long as you use the app. 

Adding pictures is a simple click of selecting your image and hitting send. Once sent, the image will reside on the frame and you no longer have the ability to remove it from the frame so the process is send only. 


The setup is super easy, even if you aren’t computer literate. It only takes a few minutes to get the free app set up, and you’re good to go from there. Their free app was able to add my photos in a matter of minutes.

FULLJA WiFi digital picture frame Performance review

Unfortunately, while setting up the first one, we noticed that the slide show would just stop on a random picture and never continue. We would go into settings and pick a picture to start the show again and about 10-15 minutes later, it would stop again. It was never the same image. 

The app for iPhone leaves a lot to be desired. It is slow to use and crashes often causing your photos to never load to the frame.

It will display or hide information per your configuration and will play videos on 2K quality without any effort, and as an added bonus IT IS LOUD, it plays sound as well, with a distinctive tonality that you wouldn’t expect on a picture frame, probably due to resonance on the boxy shape of the frame (see pictures).

Alternate of FULLJA WiFi digital picture frame

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

Nixplay is the best-selling digital frame in the States thanks to a range of models for every preference and a dedicated companion app for wide-ranging connectivity. All Nixplay frames connect to your email, social media accounts and cloud services in addition to Nixplay’s remote app (although there is also a physical remote included).

This surplus of photo options is great for people with media that’s spread out over different accounts. But it does have a drawback. Less tech-savvy people (such as grandparents) will likely have a tricky time learning to use the frame’s many features.

Nixplay also has strength in numbers when it comes to model options. You can choose from six different frames that vary in material (wood, metal finish or black) as well as pixel count and size. At the top of Nixplay’s line is their 2K display, which takes the gold medal for the highest quality display on our list.

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