Kenmore 31140 pet friendly upright vacuum reviews


What are the reasons to buy Kenmore 31140 pet friendly upright vacuum? Flexible hose and wand lengthens to extended reach of 10′. Dusting brush, crevice tool and second bare floor tool for convenient cleaning transitions;30′ cord, cleaning width of 12.75″, 4 height adjustments. Know everything you want to get in Kenmore 31140 pet friendly upright vacuum reviews.

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Compare Kenmore 31140 pet friendly upright vacuum

  • Belt vs Beltless
    The 31140 use a belt to help drive the brush whereas the Elite 31150 is a direct-drive vacuum, its motor drives the brush directly without a belt. Since it has no belts to break, the beltless design cuts down on maintenance and repairs.
  • Number of Motors
    The 31140 has 2 motors while the 31150 has a 3-motor system.
    The 31140 uses a conventional Kenmore upright vacuum motor, while the 31150 equipped with a 3D Inducer Motor that provides 20 percent more suction power than the conventional Kenmore upright vacuum motor.
  • Dirt Sensor
    The 31150 features an infrared Dirt Sensor which activates a LED light when it detects dirt to help you do a more thorough cleaning, the light turns off when the floor is clean. While the 31140 has no such sensor.
  • Carpet Pile Adjustment
    The 31140 has 4 settings while the 31150 has 5 settings.
  • Cord Length
    The 31140 a 30-foot power cord while the 31150 has a 35-foot cord.

Kenmore 31140 pet friendly upright vacuum reviews

Filter and bags

The Kenmore 31140 features a HEPA filter as well which is great for people who are sensitive to pollen and dust. The filter can collect the smallest particles around your home and clean out your everyday surroundings. The dirt is collected in a HEPA cloth bag.


An aluminum telescoping wand and 3 different attachments, including the Pet Handi-Mate, puts the power of deep cleaning in your hands. Get behind kitchen appliances, tackle the stairs and vacuum the couch cushions with ease; no more worrying about how to get the spring cleaning done.


The Kenmore 31140 has a shorter cord, and it is 30 feet long. This will allow you to vacuum large spaces comfortably without re-plugging the cord. The cord will not retract automatically, and you will need to do it on your own after you are done vacuuming, but it will take you just a couple of minutes to do so.


If you are looking for suction power that is capable of picking up anything, including hairs from your furniture, the Kenmore 31140 will certainly deliver. It also has two motors which ensure great performance on all surfaces. Kenmore included the Power Flow technology that improves the suction and can pick up any dirt around your home.


The Kenmore 31140 weighs nineteen pounds which means it is a bit lighter but not significantly. It is very easy to push around and that is a plus. The vacuum will glide over surfaces, and you don’t need to push yourself very hard when you handle it. You might need some extra help if you plan on carrying it upstairs.

Kenmore 31140 pet friendly upright vacuum Performance reviews

The Kenmore 31140 picks up both dirt and allergens without too much hassle because of its powerful suction. You can also adjust the brush easily if you plan on vacuuming different surfaces in a single session. There is an extra brush that is made for pet hair so you can clean it easily.

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