Kodak Ultra mini portable projector – HD 1080p review


Should you invest in Kodak Ultra mini portable projector – HD 1080p? The projector has a 100-inch max screen size, 1300:1 contrast, 640×360 native resolution, 2-hour max playback, and 25-60 ANSI lumen brightness. Capable of Displaying 16.7 Million Colors; Enjoy Rich, Lifelike Detail for Your Favorite Video Games, Movies, Photo Slideshows & More. Know more about benefits in Kodak Ultra mini portable projector – HD 1080p review.

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Pros & Cons – Kodak Ultra mini portable projector – HD 1080p


  • Stylish design.
  • It has a wattage of 9.25 watts.
  • Its LED brightness is a decent 60 ANSI lumens.
  • Rechargable internal battery.
  • This is an advanced DLP projector to ensure quality projection, brightness, contrast, and color accuracy.
  • Palm-sized and portable, making it another quality handheld smart device like your mobile phone or tablet.
  • You can use it to stream movies from Netflix or mirror your iPhone display


  • Low brightness and modest resolution.
  • Limited continuous use.
  • No tripod.
  • It’s limited to 720p when hooked up to game consoles like the Xbox.
  • Compatibility issues, particularly when it comes to Apple products


The Kodak Ultra mini portable projector – HD 1080p currently costs around $179.99 and is available through major retailers including Amazon and Walmart, This is cheaper than most of the mini projectors that we reviewed, which typically cost around $500. 


Compatible With

– Apple Mac
– Microsoft PC Computer
– Android Phone
– Tablets
– Samsung Galaxy
– Laptop
– Smartphones

Kodak Ultra mini portable projector – HD 1080p review


Measuring in at just 3.1 x 3.1 x 0.87 inches and weighing just 1 pound, this truly is a pocket-sized projector. The area around the lens is angled slightly upward. The Kodak Ultra mini portable projector rests on four tiny feet. Attractively housed in a white frame with gold trim, the Kodak Ultra mini portable projector can project photos and videos stored on a microSD memory card or USB thumb drive. Looking at the projector from the front, the lens is offset near the right side.

Ports – Kodak Ultra mini portable projector – HD 1080p

On the left side is a microSD card slot. I would have preferred regular SD, but the smaller slot works well on such a miniaturized projector. In back, along with a reset button that can be activated with a bent paper clip, are four ports. The right side of the projector, as viewed from the front, has a small, metal focus wheel, positioned just back from the edge.

The other ports are a full-size HDMI input, a USB Type-A port for displaying content from a thumb drive, and an audio-out port for use with a powered external speaker or headphones.


The Kodak Ultra mini portable projector boasts a brightness capability of 60 ANSI lumen, which is roughly equivalent to around 420 lumens. It’s either a large pico—meaning it’s (barely) pocketable—or small palmtop projector. Either way, it’s a DLP-based LED projector.


Its advanced DLP optical engine boasts superior LED brightness, supreme color accuracy and pristine 1080p HD picture quality. It has an 854 x 480 native resolution, with upscaling support for 1080p HD and even 4K video.

Contrast ratio

With its native 16:9 ratio display giving you the widescreen look you’re used to. Colors are replicated well, the contrast is decent and the screen size goes up to 120-inches, which is impressive from such a small device.


Audio output is where the Kodak Ultra mini portable projector falls down though. It has a single 1.5W speaker, which is respectable for its size, but it really struggles to put out the volume and clarity that you want when watching a blockbuster movie. We’d highly recommend connecting it up to an external speaker system to get the most out of it.

Battery life

The Kodak Ultra mini portable projector is truly portable and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which is good for up to 2.5 hours of runtime – that’s enough to watch most movies in one sitting. You can also plug the device into mains power via a DC power charger if you’re using it in the home. 


It needs an adopter to be connected with iPhone7. It can be connected with my MacBook Pro using the HDMI cable that came with it, but it requires some setting on Mac side instead of just connecting.

Alternate of Kodak Ultra mini portable projector – HD 1080p

Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector

The Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector is one of the best portable movie projects that are only as large as a soda can. It supports different input methods, including USB. HDMI, and wireless screen-casting. With this, you can use the projector across different devices. 

The Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector is more advanced than other mini projectors, as it can run streaming and media apps due to its Android 7.1 O/S. With it, you no longer have to worry about screen casting. 

Its 360-degree speaker gives you omnidirectional sound, while its aluminum body makes this device strong and durable. This device is so portable that it only weighs 15 oz.

But one of the most amazing features of this portable movie projector is its long battery life. Believe it or not, but it can last up to four hours. 

Compact and lightweight
Omnidirectional sound
Wireless screen-casting

No lens protector
Limited Google Play apps

AAXA Technologies P300

AAXA Technologies P300 is one of the best portable movie projectors for iPhone for many reasons. This includes its excellent picture quality with a default 1280×800 HD resolution, an aspect ratio control of 16:10, a contrast ratio of 2000:1, and a 1080p max input.

AAXA Technologies P300 also comes with built-in speakers and features a keystone correction. This is very useful when you can’t directly mount the projector in front of the screen. 

Aside from those things, this portable movie projector for iPhone also supports a lot of input options, including a micro SD reader, a USB port, HDMI, and mini VGA. It also comes with a 60+ minute lithium battery, which is really impressive. 

To use this projector on your iPhone, an HDMI cable is required. 

One thing to keep in mind with the AAXA Technologies P300 is that its lumen is relatively low. It is only at 300 lumens, which means that you have to be in a dark place in order for the images to be clearer. 

Many input options
High maximum input
High contrast ratio

HDMI cable is required
Poor sound quality
Low lumens

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