Nekteck vs RENPHO foot massager difference


A foot massage is a great way to pamper someone special and help them unwind after a long day. As an added benefit, foot massages can also help to relieve issues like headaches, insomnia, and stress. Which is better suited to your needs – Nekteck vs RENPHO foot massager? Fits most people. With their enlarged foot rooms, these foot massagers can accommodate most foot sizes, up to men size 12,so whole family members can use it. Know about more benefits in Nekteck vs RENPHO foot massager comparison.

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Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Soothing Heat, Deep Kneading Therapy


Pros & Cons – Nekteck vs RENPHO foot massager

Nekteck foot massager


  • Stellar price for an electric foot massager
  • 6 massage heads with 18 rotating massager nodes
  • Optional heating setting
  • Provides great relief to the bottoms and sides of your feet


  • Missing some features found in more expensive massagers
  • Heat could be stronger
  • Doesn’t massage the tops of your feet
  • Can’t customize the massage settings

Renpho foot massager


  • All settings (kneading pressure, heat, air compression) can be tweaked to your preferences
  • Compression on the heels tops of feet
  • Multiple timer options
  • Clear display
  • Great customer service (12-month warranty)
  • Independent heat function


  • Somewhat loud
  • Doesn’t massage the whole foot
  • Large and bulky

Compare Nekteck vs RENPHO foot massager

Nekteck Foot MassagerRenpho Shiatsu Foot Massager
Dimensions15.7” long, 13.5” wide, 3.14” height16.8” long, 15.3” wide, 9.8” height
Weight7.3 pounds8.5 pounds
Air MassageNoYes
Remote ControlNoYes
Massage minutes15 & 30
Max Shoe SizeAll12
A/A+ Feedback84%86% – 87%
1-5 Rating4.94.8

Nekteck vs RENPHO foot massager reviews


Its dimension is 15.7” long, 13.5” wide, 3.14” height and weighs 7.3 pounds. Renpho foot massager is little heavy 8.5 pounds than Nekteck foot massager.


Nekteck foot massager

The massager fits most people. It has large foot rooms that accommodate most foot sizes. Supports up to US-11 size. 

RENPHO foot massager

The massager fits most people. It has enlarged foot rooms to accommodate most foot sizes. Easily fits up to 12 men size. However, it’s not suitable for people who are highly sensitive to squeeze and kneading.


Renpho the massager is controlled from a touch button panel located on the massager. Meanwhile, the touch panel can be controlled with your toes. The massager uses a rotation ball and a rolling stick to massage the feet. It also has

  • 3 Kneading, compressing levels
  • Removable foot clothes
  • Advanced heat dissipation

Nektek it has six massage heads and 18 rotating massager nodes for deep penetration of muscles. The power and mode touch buttons on the panel can be controlled by your toes. Consequently, there is no need to bend down.

Foot chamber

Nekteck foot massager

It has two-foot chambers that provide rolling, kneading, heating, and air-compression. It offers a deep-kneading Shiatsu foot massage. Though use it as a massager only. It’s not a foot bath. 

RENPHO foot massager

The foot chamber’s removable/replaceable washable cloth cover can be easily washed or replaced. Consequently, the foot chamber has a clean and healthy environment.



The RENPHO foot massager has heat function. It is equipped with a rotation ball, a rolling stick, heating, and air compression that work together to pamper your feet.


This unique massager also has a heating function that helps relieve pain on fatigued muscles. It reduces foot pain as well. And overall, it’s very safe to use. You can manually turn the heating function on or off. Entirely depends on your preference.


Renpho foot massager comes with a remote controller that has an on/off switch, a button to increase/decrease kneading intensity, increase/decrease air pressure, turn on/off heat, and a timer selector (15 or 30 minutes).RENPHO foot massager Nekteck foot massager does not have this function.

Nekteck vs RENPHO foot massager reviews

RENPHO foot massager

This massager machine comes fully equipped with a rotation ball, a rolling stick, all with the heating capability and the option of a deep kneading shiatsu foot massage, all in one! The RENPHO foot massager is the best foot massager that has heat capabilities. You can easily massage the feet and relax the whole body with this massager.

The heat function in this machine can be controlled independently. This is a simple, hygienic, healthy way to get rid of stress in the feet and relax. The touch panel to this machine is also really simple to use and you can even control it with your foot, so you don’t have to bend over to get to it. The cloth covering on the machine is removable and washable to help maintain a healthy environment.

This machine acts like your very own personal massager and the ergonomic design provides a comprehensive and comfortable massage in all the right spots. This machine comes with three kneading and three squeeze options that can intensify as it goes. This massager machine can also be personally adjusted to adhere to the preferences of the user.

Nekteck foot massager

This is a highly versatile design that comes with six massage heads and 18 rotating massaging nodes that effectively relaxes muscles, eases tension and regulates blood flow – all within one easy to use the machine! The Nektech foot massager is the best massager for plantar fasciitis due to its amazing network of moving, heat transferring massage balls.

It’s portable and easy to use, you don’t even have to bend down to turn on the massager. You can simply access the power button by touching it with your toe. It also has built-in on-board cord storage and comes with handles to easily carry it around.

This massager has a heating function that helps relieve the pain of fatigued or stressed muscles and helps you remove foot pain. This foot massager is safe to use, and the heat function can be turned on or off depending on your setting preferences. This machine also comes with an adjustable height for comfort. It can easily be adjusted for up to three levels depending on convenience.

Alternate of Nekteck vs RENPHO foot massager

The MIKO Shiatsu foot massager has a futuristic look and a foot massage chamber system. All you have to do is put in your feet and set a comfortable vibration intensity. Enjoy the relaxing sensations in a healthy and diverse way.

To start off, this foot massager provides heating, kneading, and air pressure. It has 2-foot chambers. Each one equipped with rolling nodes and air compression mechanisms. In total, there are 5 pressure settings. You should start at the p1 pressure setting and then gradually increase it, matching your comfort.

This foot massager is also great for relieving discomfort from plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, chronic pain, diabetes, swelling, heel spurs, etc. It’ll also reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation to your calves and thighs, and accelerate soft tissue recovery.

You can also try the heating mechanisms for a more relaxing time, especially in winter. And the simple interface with 5 buttons can be controlled with just your toe. Adjust and relax without even bending.

Additionally, for more convenience, it has a wireless remote, 15-minute timer, LCD display, rubber grip, and washable foot liners.

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