NVIDIA Shield TV vs Pro 2021 difference – what is the upgrade?


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Pros & Cons


  • Inventive and small design
  • The new remote is excellent.
  • The top Android TV experience remains.
  • Better AI Upscaling is fantastic
  • May have difficulties playing various games on Android
  • Not immediately user-friendly for beginners

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro

  • Smooth Shield TV design
  • more RAM and twice as much inbuilt storage
  • USB ports are available for external storage.
  • The ideal one for gaming and Plex
  • Internal storage is less than in an earlier Pro model.
  • More costly than a tube
  • There are not enough new features to upgrade.

Compare Price – NVIDIA Shield TV vs Pro 2021

Currently, the ordinary NVIDIA Shield TV is $125, which is $25 less than the usual cost. The NVIDIA Shield TV Pro, its more capable sister, is now available for $170, a $30 savings.

Compare NVIDIA Shield TV vs Pro 2021

Nvidia Shield TVNvidia Shield TV Pro
ProcessorTegra X1+Tegra X1+
Storage8 GB16 GB
PortsPower, HDMI, Ethernet, microSDPower, HDMI, Ethernet, USB (x2)
Smart home featuresAlexa, Google RoutinesAlexa, Google Routines, Samsung SmartThings

What are the differences – NVIDIA Shield TV vs Pro 2021?


The Tegra X1+ processor is still present despite the NVIDIA Shield TV’s tiny tube shape, which should make it simple to mount behind your television.

The NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is around the size of two Kindle e-readers stacked on top of one other, and it has a slender wedge shape with some angular indentations cut into it for historical reference.


The redesigned NVIDIA Shield remote is much heavier to hold and has a more conventional button layout with dedicated media controls, a large Netflix button, and a programmable button in the top-right corner that can be set to open settings, turn on AI-enhanced upscaling, muffle volume, and many other functions. Additionally, the remote may be purchased separately and is made to function with earlier Shield models as well.

Plex server

The only device you can use to operate a Plex media server is the Shield TV Pro. To be clear: You can access your material with either version of Shield TV if you host a media server on your phone or computer. But let’s say you’re sick of leaving your phone or computer running nonstop and would prefer to have everything in one dedicated entertainment device. An external hard drive connected to the Shield TV Pro might be the perfect solution.

Smart Home

There are two USB ports for attaching external storage, keyboards, or an OTA antenna, and you can set it up as a SmartThings hub for managing smart home appliances.

Gaming & Storage

Along with 16GB of internal storage and an upgrade to 3GB of RAM, it also provides the complete range of gaming services and features from NVIDIA. This choice is intended for more ardent tech aficionados who enjoy customizing and accessorizing their devices. games for advanced Android devices that demand 3GB of RAM.

Therefore, the Pro model is the ideal choice if you want to download and play games like Doom 3 or Portal directly on your Shield TV. However, you can still launch your favorite games and use your preferred controller with both of these because they both support the top gaming controllers.

What are the similarities – NVIDIA Shield TV vs Pro 2021?


The Tegra X1+ processor found in both products enables them to both benefit from the ambitious AI upscaling protocol used by the Shield TV. On their own hard drives or through the unexpectedly capable GeForce Now game-streaming service, they are both adept at running video games.


The AI-enhanced upscaling will not be available on previous Shields, so if that feature appeals to you, it may be worthwhile to consider an update. Both models support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Expandable storage

Both the Shield TV and Shield TV Pro have slots for microSD cards and USB devices. As a result, both devices have the ability to extend storage, although the Shield TV’s method is a little more attractive.


Owners are able to stream content from services like Plex, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, Disney+, Spotify, and Apple Music using this device. The device’s Android TV operating system supports Chromecast streaming, Dolby Atmos audio, and 4K HDR Dolby Vision. Additionally, you can use the gadget to stream video games through Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now (the Ethernet port should come in especially handy there).

Alternate of NVIDIA Shield TV vs Pro 2021

Apple TV 4K (2021)

Even though the new Apple TV 4K (2021) is excellent and works flawlessly, if you currently own the previous model, it might not be worthwhile to update. The second-generation Apple TV 4K resembles its predecessor externally. The changes are all on the inside, notably replacing the A10X chip with an A12 Bionic. Performance appears to be slightly improved, and the Apple TV 4K 2nd generation supports 4K at 60 frames per second with HDR as opposed to 30 frames per second. Although there aren’t many applications that even provide that kind of content yet—mostly sports and other fast-paced action—it will spread.

The revamped Siri Remote is the best feature of the new Apple TV 4K. Many people, including myself, detested the outdated remote and its annoying touch interface. The updated remote still uses touch and gestures, but it still has real buttons and a jog wheel that works like the previous iPods did. However, the cost remains the largest disadvantage. Having said that, before purchasing an Apple TV 4K, be sure to read our article on the essential setup step for every Apple TV user that will simplify streaming (hint: it involves the remote). Check out how to fix an Apple TV that isn’t working if the remote or TV isn’t responding.

And how do they compare to Roku, Chromecast, and Fire TV hardware? The Apple TV 4K appears to have a zero-tolerance policy for advertisements, simply adjusting its top banner to correspond with the app you have chosen. Although there are commercials in the TV app, they are appropriate for the context. Just keep in mind that a new Apple TV 2022 is rumored if you’re thinking of getting an Apple TV 4K. Unless it’s significantly cheaper, we’re not sure what would make it a must purchase. However, we believe Find My Friends will soon be available on the Siri remote.

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