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Optoma HD146X High Performance projector for movies & gaming review

Optoma HD146X High Performance projector for movies & gaming review

Does it support 3D game? The HD146X displays true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray Disc players, 3D broadcasting, and the latest-generation game consoles. Support for 120Hz rapid-refresh rate provides ultra-smooth flicker-free images; 3D glasses required. Enhanced Gaming Mode enables lightning-fast response time; Game Display Mode boosts shadows and dark scenes for greater visibility of impending obstacles. Enjoy up to 15,000 hours of lamp life in eco mode enabling an average of 4 hours of viewing time every day 10+ years. Get details in Optoma HD146X High Performance projector for movies & gaming review.

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In the box

AC power cord
Remote control
2x AAA batteries
Basic user manual

Pros & Cons – Optoma HD146X High Performance projector for movies & gaming


  • Full HD 3D support
  • Excellent color accuracy, contrast, and black level for the price
  • Fast input lag
  • High brightness designed to stand up to ambient light
  • Image feels three-dimensional


  • Minimal zoom range.
  • Fan noise is quite noticeable.
  • Only one HDMI port; USB port is only for power out
  • Lacks image shift for setup
  • Onboard audio is poor

Specs – Optoma HD146X High Performance projector for movies & gaming

  • Light source type: Lamp
  • Lamp watts: 240
  • Lamp life hours (up to): 4000 (Bright), 15000 (Dynamic), 10000 (Eco)
  • Throw ratio: 1.47:1 ~ 1.62:1
  • Projection distance: 39.37″ – 385.83″
  • Native aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Aspect ratio – compatible: 4:3
  • Display technology: DLP™
  • Resolution: 1080p Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Brightness: 3,600 lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 25,000:1
  • Uniformity: 80%
  • Screen size: 28″ ~ 301″ diagonal
  • Keystone correction – vertical: +/-40°
  • Zoom: 1.1
  • Zoom type: Manual
  • Focal length (mm): 15.59mm~17.14mm/0.614″~0.675″
  • Native offset: 116%

Inputs 1 x HDMI 1.4a 3D support
Outputs 1 x Audio 3.5mm, 1 x USB-A power 1.5A

Noise level (typical): 26dB
Noise level (max): 28dB
PC compatibility: FHD, UXGA, SXGA, WXGA, HD, XGA, SVGA, VGA, Mac
2D compatibility

NTSC M/J, 3.58MHz, 4.43MHz PAL B/D/G/H/I/M/N, 4,43MHz SECAM B/D/G/K/K1/L, 4.25/4.4MHz 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p(50/60Hz), 1080i(50/60Hz), 1080p(50/60Hz)

3D compatibility

Side-by-Side:1080i50 / 60, 720p50 / 60 Frame-pack: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60 Over-Under: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60

3D: Full 3D


If your budget for a projector is no higher than $550, then the HD146X is a solid choice, but better performing projectors cost only a little bit more money. BenQ’s HT2050A is more accurate, brighter and better looking for about $150 more. 

What is good in Optoma HD146X High Performance projector for movies & gaming?

Good for Gaming

Game Display Mode boosts shadows and dark scenes to help enhance visibility of impending obstacles. Enhanced Gaming Mode delivers a fast input response time of 16 ms for fast-paced competitive console and desktop gaming.

Cinema-Quality Images

The HD146X is engineered to deliver sharp HD images with a native 1080p DLP DMD and a RYGCWB color wheel. With up to a 3600-lumen brightness output, the projector can overcome ambient light in many home installations.

DLP Technology

DLP technology is designed to provide high contrast, fast response time, good pixel structure, and virtually no color degradation.

Low noise

The low 26 dB noise level in Eco Mode helps ensure that movies and gaming are heard over the sound of the fan.

3D Compatibility

Display 3D content from almost any compatible source, including 3D Blu-ray players, broadcast, and game consoles. 144 Hz rapid-refresh rate is supported for smooth, flicker-free images. Compatible 3D glasses are required and sold separately.

Full HD Resolution

1080p resolution renders sharp, detailed images from HD content without downscaling or compression, making the HD146X well-suited for movies, TV shows, and gaming.

True Color

The HD146X can reproduce the Rec.709 color gamut to help ensure accurate reproduction of cinematic color as the director intended.


This technology lets you turn on and off two or more HDMI-CEC capable devices using a single remote control.

Dynamic Black Technology

This feature is designed to provide more depth to your image by smoothly adjusting the lamp output to augment the contrast ratio. This helps bright scenes appear crisp and clear while keeping dark scenes detailed with deep blacks and light and shade detail.

Signal Power On

The projector can power on when it receives a signal through the HDMI input, ensuring that it turns on at the same time as your source device.

ISF Modes

ISF modes allow you to save your calibrated day and night mode settings for your preferred viewing experience.

Optoma HD146X High Performance projector for movies & gaming review

Sleek Design

 The sleek, curved shape offers a very modern look, and the black is a nice touch if you want to give your theater a uniform aesthetic.. It has a six-panel color wheel. The HD146X’s wheel is red-yellow-green-cyan-white-blue (RYGCWB), with a white panel to increase brightness, and yellow and cyan panels to help minimize the color errors the white panel causes. The HD146X weighs only 6.2 pounds and measures 4.3 by 12.4 by 9.5 inches (HWD), making it easy to handle. 


Input is limited to a single HDMI 1.4a port. The only other connectors are a 3.5mm audio out port and a USB-A connector that can only be used for powering an HDMI streaming dongle. You’ll be glad for that audio port; the 3-watt onboard speaker delivers tinny sound at a low volume, so an external sound system is a must.

  • HDMI inputs: 1
  • PC input: None
  • USB port: 1 (1.5-amp power)
  • Audio input and output: 3.5mm output
  • Digital audio output: None
  • LAN port: None
  • 12v trigger: None
  • RS-232 remote port: None
  • MHL: No
  • Remote: Backlit

Screen size

The HD146X has a beautiful, sharp, and bright picture that I project onto a large wall.  I am projecting this on a 120” horizontal screen with a 16:9 screen format that o built myself when screens of this size were over $1,200.  Around 11 feet away and only about 6 inches hanging from the ceiling is enough to produce a 100 in screen hanging 14 inches from the ceiling on the other side of the room. 


True ANSI 3600 lumens is awesome, it can be used in medium light conditions without a problem, great resolution, impressively vivid and clear images. There’s also a really great Eco Mode that dims the screen a little, which we use for nighttime viewing before going to sleep. When the Eco Mode is off, Bright Mode is engaged and an internal fan turns on.


The projector only displays 1080p signals and has much better brightness and dynamic range. The blacks are pretty good and the brightness is good even in rooms with ambient light. There’s a whole array of color / brightness / contrast / tint / etc. options to zero in on your optimal image.

Contrast ratio

At any given moment on screen, the contrast ratio is still only around 500:1. The image doesn’t look washed out, but lacks the punch of higher contrast ratio projectors. Contrast ratio is fairly poor, measuring an average of 568:1. For comparison, the BenQ 2050A, which is also a DLP projector, averages over 2,000:1. This improves a bit in the Vivid mode, thanks to the far greater light output. Dynamic Black roughly doubles it, though that is a dynamic measurement.

Picture Mode: User

Expert settings:

  • Lamp: Bright
  • Brightness: 3
  • Contrast: -5
  • Sharpness: 10
  • Color: 12
  • Tint (G/R): 0
  • Brilliant Color: 6
  • Dynamic black: Off
  • Color temp: Standard
  • Gamma: Standard (2.2)


They do provide a fair amount of adjustment range as far as keystone, picture size, focus, and image shift before you start to loose too much image quality in the corners.

3D – Optoma HD146X High Performance projector for movies & gaming

The 3D is amazing! I run my Nvidia shield for most of my entertainment, using steam link for steam, Xbox one and PS4 work pretty darn perfectly.

3D Mode

  • Off: Select “Off” to turn off 3D mode.
  • DLP Link: Select “DLP Link” to use optimized settings for DLP Link 3D glasses.
  • VESA 3D: Select “VESA 3D” to use optimized settings for VESA 3D glasses.


3D: Select 3D format.
L: Select left eye data.
R: Select right eye data

3D Format
SBS: Use this mode for “Side-by-side” format 3D content.
Top and Bottom: Use this mode for “Top and Bottom” format 3D content.
Frame Sequential: Use this mode for “Frame Sequential” format 3D content.

3D Sync. Invert
Press the “On” to invert left and right frame contents.
Press the “Off” for default frame contents.


The included speaker is a nice convenience, but you can also connect to a sound bar for greater range.


To make set up easy, we use HDMI cable from an Apple TV to the projector. Then use the audio out to a small stereo amp for speaker power. You’ll most certainly want to hook this up with speakers. The speaker inside the projector is similar to a cell phone…. apple sometimes does not play well with other devices and we have not had an issue with any movies we have watched. Which includes Disney, marvel, Pixar, etc.

Optoma HD146X High Performance projector for movies & gaming review

Very Good machine with a few issues

Excellent image reproduction with some degree of image control to allow your own adjustments of your source inputs. It’s bright enough to use in dimly lit spaces or at dusk without much fuss. Obviously, at its best when used in full darkness. Remote is useful. The only serious problem is the console audio speaker. It’s awful. The sound from the actual unit, even at full volume is low and non dimensional. It’s impossible to hear outdoors. What was the manufacturer thinking? It’s a joke. Luckily, there’s a mini plug audio aux output and if you attach a speaker or an amp, it passes the audio well to these sources that can really boost it. Adding an external speaker or patching it to your existing stereo system saves the sound. On every other level it’s a fine product. Not too heavy or big and it’s has a remarkable throw – meaning you can really enjoy BIG images with true clarity. Invest in a screen or come up with some innovate, cheap ideas with bedsheets. This is a worthwhile purchase. It looks very good and does the job – just get a speaker!

By Chetman at Best Buy

Optoma HD146X High Performance projector for movies & gaming Geek Box performance review

Geek Box

Black luminance (0%)0.25Poor
Peak white luminance (100%)127.3Average
Derived lumens1146Average
Avg. grayscale error (10-100%)1.759Good
Dark gray error (20%)2.051Good
Bright gray error (70%)1.674Good
Avg. color error7.444Poor
Red error4.291Average
Green error11.458Poor
Blue error12.823Poor
Cyan error4.504Average
Magenta error7.803Poor
Yellow error3.786Average
Avg. saturations error4.94Average
Avg. color checker error4.6Average
Input lag (Game mode)16.4Good

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