Revitive foot circulation booster reviews – how much Revitive cost?


Is Revitive foot circulation booster worth investment? It comes with the IsoRocker movement, the patented 15 wide pulse waveforms, and 99 different intensity levels. This combination hits the exact pressure points of your legs to boost circulation and pumps back fresh oxygenated blood from the heart. Also, in the process of sending fresh nutrient-rich blood, the muscles contract from their strained positions and give your legs an instant relief. Should yu buy it? Know more about feature and benefits in Revitive foot circulation booster reviews.

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Revitive foot circulation booster is FDA-approved for therapeutic use, strengthens lower legs and ankles with patented rocking motion, comes with a TENS unit, effectively lowers inflammation of the feet and ankles, cordless, comes with a remote control. Here is everything you can get in Revitive foot circulation booster reviews.

Revitive Medic best price in UK

Revitive Medic best price in US

Pros & Cons – Revitive foot circulation booster


  • Great for muscle cramps and knots
  • TENS Body Pads remove shoulder and upper-arm pain
  • Ease of use
  • It is recognized by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device.
  • There are 99 different speed variations.
  • There are 15 different wavelength variations.
  • A remote control is included for easy use.
  • The system also includes four electrode patches to combat pain elsewhere.


  • The pads need replacement often
  • It is more expensive than most of its competitors.
  • The TENS pads on the machine may need to be frequently replaced.

How much does Revitive cost?

You can order your Revitive risk-free from their website. A no-obligation 60-day money-back guarantee backs each purchase. Also, shipping and returns are always free. Revitive cost may vary from store to store and based on limited stock. You may get his device with $250 – 350.

What are the Common Leg Problems?

  • Poor circulation
  • Muscle Cramping
  • Joint aches caused by arthritis
  • Injured muscles due to overuse or sports
  • Too much weight
  • Medical conditions caused by heart disease or diabetes
  • Other medical conditions such as MS
  • Neurological damage
  • Aging loss of strength
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling in legs and ankles

Is Revitive foot circulation booster the solution?

Using professional-strength OxyWave Technology to stimulate the muscles in your legs and feet which could:

  • Reduce leg aches & pains
  • Actively improve leg circulation
  • Reduce swelling
  • Increase walking distance before pain
  • Reduce cramp
  • Target and relieve body pain

Revitive foot circulation booster reviews


It has a lightweight, and portable design. Measuring 393 x 95 x 369 inches, it weighs 4.85 Pounds. It comes with a remote for user friendly control.


Revitive foot circulation booster comes with special Electrode Body Pads that cover your shoulders, the lumbar region, thighs, and knees. All you gotta do is hit the lowest intensity first and take the pads to the areas where it’s aching, while gradually increasing the pressure. This works wonders on cramps and muscle knots, and you can finally bring home a comprehensive drug-free pain removal solution for your body as a whole.


It owes its success-rate to the ingenious IsoRocker movement that carefully bends and moves the ankle up to 30 degrees while you rest your legs on the device. One of the main reasons behind sore ankles, thighs, and feet is poor circulation through the muscle joints, and Revitive hits right at the core of the problem with this unique, gentle movement.


It sends electrical impulses right from your feet to the different body parts, activating all the pressure points in its path. Moreover, hitting the pressure points of the feet also contracts the muscles in and around the connecting arteries and veins, boosting circulation even more efficiently.

Well, EMS is the heart of Revitive circulation boosters. For those who don’t know, EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, a process where electrical impulses are artificially sent across muscles to revive circulation. The Revitive Medic Booster works on this very principle of utilizing EMS to relax a pair of sore feet.

This is how the EMS mechanism of Revitive differs from the other circulation boosters and kills your pain in the least span of time.

Revitive Intensity levels

The first and perhaps the most impressive feature is that it contains 99 different intensity levels. Some machines only have one consistent level or a small handful of choices you can alternate. With 99 levels of intensity, you can set the system to fit your needs perfectly, adding the right amount of pressure for your feet and legs. You’re in control when it comes to the strength of your treatment. With 15 different impulses, you can continue to keep your body guessing and improve blood flow throughout the toes, feet, and legs.


In addition to the strength of the impulses, there are also 15 different stimulation waveforms. This means that your body will never have to get used to one or two waveform patterns.  This variety of waveforms seamlessly hits all the different sides of your legs, calves, and thighs, taking away your pain completely so that you’re up and running in no time. The wide-pulse waveforms belong to a patented sequence of a carefully measured series of bigger and stronger muscular contractions. The device offers 16 different waveforms to hit the innumerable acupoints of your legs, pumping oxygen-rich blood back to your feet from the heart.

How to use Revitive foot circulation booster?

 Getting started and using it correctly is simple. Follow the steps below to start boosting your circulation right away.

Step 1: Find a suitable position

Sit down somewhere comfortable with the machine near your feet. While using the device keep your body little backward (Not lean to forward).

Step 2: Attach foot pad & place your foot on Revitive

Attached your foot pads with your body as guided in Revitive’s manual and connect to device output. Now place your feet on the designated foot pads of the machine.

Step 3: Adjust the Revitive intensity levels

Turn the system on and begin to increase the intensity level gradually. You should continue to increase it until you begin to feel your calf muscles contracting.

Step 4: Complete the session

Once you’ve found your ideal intensity, begin your ‘session.’ You can sit and relax for 20-30 minutes while the machine works. Once each session is finished, the machine is lightweight and portable for easy storage. For best results, use every day. You will start to get the result after 4-6 weeks based on your foot conditions.

If you have difficulty bending over or reaching down, don’t worry. The Revitive system comes with a remote control. You can sit up straight and control the intensity level and wavelength forms with the simple touch of a button. You can also adjust these setting as needed throughout each session.

Revitive foot circulation booster customer reviews

“I’d recommend the Revitive to anyone who experiences swelling”

Normally I would not endorse any product but I feel that your company’s Revitive – from my own personal experience – is so genuinely beneficial that I am more than happy to make an exception. I have experienced discomfort and swelling in the lower legs. Then I found out about your Revitive circulation device. On Sunday after only using Revitive for 20 mins, I felt relieved and ready to head out to our local garden centre. I’d recommend the Revitive to anyone who experiences swelling.


Revitive foot circulation booster alternate

You can also promote blood flow naturally. Activities like walking allow for contraction of your leg muscles that help return blood to the heart.

Sharper Image offers an EMS foot massager with infrared heat. This device has 25 different intensity settings and comes with pads for use on your arms legs and back. The cost is $179.99.

While there are a number of EMS units available on the market, footplate based products are less common.

OSITO Electrical Foot Massager and Nerve Stimulator

This unit is ideal for someone with diabetic neuropathy, and several diabetic users have reported improvements using the unit.

This unit comes with a TENS unit, with 4 TENS pads. Similar to EMS, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), where the pads you place on your skin deliver small electrical impulses to stimulate nerves and circulation

The EMS foot and leg circulation machine from OSITO doesn’t provide vibration or massage, but it delivers the same benefits through EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, causing the muscles to contract as if exercising. This stimulates the nerves in your feet, warms the muscles and increases circulation.

The footpads can heat up to warm the soles of your feet, further stimulating the nerves and opening your blood vessels. It’s not designed for muscle tension as much as for restoring healthy blood flow.

You can place these 4 pads anywhere on your body while you use the foot machine simultaneously.

OSITO is a reputable brand that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product and a lifetime limited warranty.

Pros: Great value, including 2 therapies for the price of 1, 30-day money-back guarantee, lifetime limited warranty, helpful for diabetic neuropathy

Cons: No vibration feature, must be plugged in to use, and the electric cord has a short length

How Does Revitive Work?

Using Revitive is pretty straightforward. You place your bare feet on the conductive footplate while in a seated position. Electrical impulses are delivered through the feet, causing foot and calf contractions that may promote blood flow, similar to light exercise.

Revitive has a rocking feature: a fulcrum located in the middle of the device that ensures the feet remain in contact with the footplate while allowing 20 degrees of ankle motion. This feature can be disabled to keep the footplate stable.

You are in control of 99 different intensity levels, as well as 15 different waveform patterns to vary the electrical stimulation your muscles receive. The Revitive delivers a maximum current of 13mA at 500U of resistance.

Revitive claims that you will experience the following with 30-minutes of daily use over 6 to 8-weeks:

  • Increased circulation
  • Relief for aches & pains
  • Improved muscle strength & endurance

How long does it take to see result?

This is where the booster beats its competitors with pride! Revitive claims to have you up and running within 6 weeks of the usage of this booster. All you gotta do is sit on it for 30 minutes every day, and you’re supposed to walk longer and farther after about two months. While most foot circulation boosters fail to achieve this difficult feat, Revitive does it with style!

It owes its success-rate to the ingenious IsoRocker movement that carefully bends and moves the ankle up to 30 degrees while you rest your legs on the device. One of the main reasons behind sore ankles, thighs, and feet is poor circulation through the muscle joints, and Revitive hits right at the core of the problem with this unique, gentle movement.

Regular brisk walking is one of the most effective natural cures of any leg pain, but we can barely squeeze it in our busy schedules. So, I found it very thoughtful of Revitive to include a feature that closely mimics walking exercises, only to help you heal faster.

Does medically safe or proven?

Since we know that EMS works, Revitive does the trick. However, it uses a footplate to exert the currents, which other electric stimulation machines do not do. A study was conducted to directly test whether Revitive would work or not. Twenty-two patients with chronic venous insufficiencies were tested. They were placed in two groups randomly. One group was tested with Revitive while the other was treated with a fake device.

In 2014, a study was done testing EMS against other treatments for the insufficiency. The subjects suffered from VI, along with other medical conditions. The research used a 1 HZ frequency for 2-4 hours a day. This was done for over 2 months.

Of course, a lot more research has been done since then. Intensive care patients were treated with electric muscle stimulation for their VI.  It resulted in much better blood flow. Their treatment lasted for about 2 weeks and shocks were delivered at 5-50 Hertz for half an hour.

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