Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster best price & reviews


What is good in Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster? Personalised Therapy Plans, SmartBoost Technology and our best performing Vigorous Program, capable of doubling your leg circulation. new Revitive Medic Coach is also suitable those with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or osteoarthritis. Should you buy it? If you love apps, then Revitive Medic Coach with the Knee Bundle is great. If you prefer working devices using a remote control, then Revitive Osteoarthritis-Knee might be the more suitable device for you. Find more helpful information in Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster best price & reviews.

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Revitive Medic best price in UK

Revitive Medic best price in US

In the box

  • 1 Medic Coach Device
  • 1 Pack of Body Pads
  • 1 Foot Cream
  • 1 Revitive Storage Bag
  • Free Delivery

Key benefits

  • • Increase oxygen-rich blood flow
  • • Relieve leg aches & pains
  • • Reduce swelling
  • • Reduce cramp
  • • Increase walking distance before pain

Specs – Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster

  • Dimensions 72 x 250 x 360 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight 1.94 kg
  • Type : Blood circulation booster
  • Treatment zone – Feet, Legs
  • Material Silicone
  • Power – Rechargeable battery: Li-lon, Battery life: up to 210 minutes
  • Massage type Blood circulation
  • Colour Black & green
  • Connectivity Bluetooth
  • App Revitive App
  • Other functions – IsoRocker 20º, Relieve leg aches & pains, Reduce swelling & cramps, Increase walking distances, Intensity levels 99
  • Control Remote control
  • Other features Soft touch pads
  • Smart features – Personalised therapy plans, OxyWave technology, SmartBoost technology, Hydration sensor, Dual mode: EMS & TENS technology & Adjustable timer

Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster best price

You will find Revitive Medic Coach in various stores from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Argos, Boots or Llyod Pharmacy. Stocks are usually limited and below price is indicative only, not real-time. Please note this device is eligible for VAT relief in certain countries.

Argos £349.99

Revitive £399.96

Compare Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster vs Revitive Medic Knee

Medic KneeMedic Coach
StimulationDual ModeDual Mode
Patented IsoRockerMax 20°Max 20°
Personalised TherapyYes
Vigorous ProgramYes
SmartBoost ™ TechnologyYes
Knee ProgramYesOptional
Muscle Strengthening Pads (Knee Program)Yes
Oxywave ™ TechnologyYesYes
Targeted Pain ManagementYesYes
Adjustable TimerYesYes
Soft-Touch Foot-padsYesYes
Remote ControlYesApp
Body PadsYesYes
90 Day Risk-Free Home TrialYesYes
2 Year WarrantyYesYes
VAT relief availableYesYes
90 Day Home TrialYesYes

Who is this for – Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster?


The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. It is estimated that around 8.75 million people in the UK have seen a doctor about osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis starts with the roughening of cartilage.

If this happens, the body can put in place a ‘repair’ process to try to make up for the loss of this important substance. The following can then happen:

  • Tiny bits of extra bone, called osteophytes, can grow at the ends of a bone within a joint.
  • There can be an increase in the amount of thick fluid inside the joint.
  • The joint capsule can stretch, and the joint may lose its shape.

Diabetes / DPN Pain

DPN is damage to the nerves in your arms, hands, legs, and feet. DPN is most common in the legs and feet and can increase your risk for foot ulcers. Nerve pain caused by DPN can limit your mobility, and affect your quality of life.

You may have no symptoms at all. You may have any of the following:

  • Increased sensitivity to touch
  • Muscle weakness or problems balancing or walking
  • Burning, tingling, cramping, or pain in your feet or hands
  • Not able to feel hot, cold, or pressure due to loss of protective sensation (LOPS)
  • Decreased muscle and fat around your feet
  • Decreased movement of your ankles
  • Foot redness, warmth, or calluses

High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in your blood. Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, but high levels of cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease.

With high cholesterol, you can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Eventually, these deposits grow, making it difficult for enough blood to flow through your arteries. Sometimes, those deposits can break suddenly and form a clot that causes a heart attack or stroke.

New intensive program of Revitive Medic coach delivers up to 2x more blood flow* for drug-free relief and contribute to lower your cholesterol level.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, occurs when your blood pressure increases to unhealthy levels. Your blood pressure measurement takes into account how much blood is passing through your blood vessels and the amount of resistance the blood meets while the heart is pumping.

Narrow arteries increase resistance. The narrower your arteries are, the higher your blood pressure will be. Over the long term, increased pressure can cause health issues, including heart disease. Revitive Medic Coach involves in natural widening of blood vessels with increased flow.

Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster Reviews


Measuring at 72 x 250 x 360 mm, it weighs 1.94 kg. It is circular shape and compact design. When it first arrives, first fill out your own profiles. It’s not a long time each day and perfect to use while reading, sitting quietly or even watching TV. You have to make sure it’s pulsing enough to make you muscles rock the Revitive.


There are two electrodes on the foot pads itself. These electrodes are what you need to place your feet onto. There is a preset program that I use. I put my feet on, switch it on, level it up to 9 or 10 (you can even use 5). This is for your intensity. As standard the machine switches on for 30 mins which is the amount I would recommend.

It works by transmitting patterns of electrical impulses through your muscles. You will feel this immediately. It’s not something you control, the impulses take over your body and make your legs do all kinds of weird dances. It’s quite weird but the after effects are incredible. 30 mins a day. Stick it on, watch your program, pack it away. Easy as that. Some levels can be quite intense, and can make you do backflips but stick with it.

Personalised therapy

Based on your leg symptoms get Medic Coach recommendation for personalised therapy plan with its built-in intelligence.

  • Motivating awards to help you finish your plan
  • Monitors progress of key symptom during therapy
  • Seamless control of your therapy, intensity and session time with convenient controller
  • Daily tracking against therapy target
  • Personalised 10-week therapy plans informed by key symptoms
  • Choose from 4 Programs or upgrade to unlock 3x Knee Programs
  • The only Circulation Booster that gets smarter. Through App updates, you’ll see new features and functions appearing

Revitive Coach App

The app is brilliant. It has a Dashboard and Controller that are easy to understand and maneuver around in, and the device is simple to operate through the App. The Coach device itself is brilliant, giving relief to my aching feet after being on them for hours on end. In particular, the “vigorous program” is awesome – really gets my calf muscles pumping.

SmartBoost™ Technology

 A combination of new patent-pending hydration sensors, built into the foot-pads which notify you if your skin hydration levels are too low and motion sensor to coach you to the optimal intensity level.


Using OxyWave Technology, Revitive pumps muscles in the legs and feet to increase oxygen-rich blood flow which could relieve aches and pains in the legs and is clinically proven to actively increase circulation during use. Revitive Medic Coach features our unique OxyWave Technology. Over a decade of development with world-renowned clinical experts has resulted in a deep understanding of electrical muscle stimulation and circulation.


Patented system enables increased ankle joint movement to replicate heel-toe raises as the leg muscles contract and relax.

Dual Mode

Revitive Medic provides full body pain management using two proven technologies, EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). Stimulation via TENS may provide relief from chronic pain elsewhere in the body such as shoulder and elbow, and temporary pain relief to the lower back.

How does it work?

Revitive Medic uses professional-strength OxyWave Technology to improve the circulation in your legs and feet by stimulating your muscles through electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). 

The body pads can be used on your legs and other parts of your body, making pain management more effective.

EMS works by using electrical impulses to cause muscle contractions. An impulse stimulates the nerve attached to your muscle. The nerve then sends a signal to your muscle to make it contract.

This muscle contraction then encourages oxygen-rich blood to be pumped around your legs, boosting your circulation.

Revitive’s OxyWave uses Dual-Mode technology which incorporates both foot and body pads. 

It might feel strange at first because we’re not used to having our muscles contracted for us, but most users soon get used to it.

Revitive Medic Coach App Controlled Circulation Booster customer reviews

Great concept. Maybe not for everyone.

Three members of our family have used this with different opinions. Overall it is easy to set up however if you’re not overly tech savvy, this may not be for you if you want to use it to its full potential. My husband used it for a week due to poor circulation and pain due to a cycling injury. There are different levels of intensity and different programs you can chose. He benefitted greatly from this device feeling an improvement within 3 days and increasing intensity. He could benefit from all the things this machine is capable of. Another family member used it after an operation but found it a little complicated as she didn’t understand how to use it with the app. We helped her and even on a low setting she didn’t like the feeling of the sensations through her legs as it made her uncomfortable. I used it for swollen knees ( there’s a program for everything ) and needed a little guidance but it helped a lot. It will carry on getting used by us , but our older or less tech savvy people may struggle. Also it is worth pointing out to make sure you read the small print as there are a lot of health conditions not recommended you use it with.

By Moominmama at Argos

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