Revitive repairs UK – how to fix issues?


The Revitive Medic can be used anywhere you feel most comfortable because it is cordless. This all-inclusive pain-relieving gadget includes body pads that enable the user to direct the EMS to assist with additional joint, muscular, or arthritic pain in the legs, back, and shoulders as needed. But how to do Revitive repairs in UK, if there is any issue?

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Revitive repairs UK – why it is not charging?

Revitive can be connected to an electrical outlet or powered by the built-in rechargeable battery. Prior to usage, make sure Revitive is charged. Even though you may always use an outlet, doing so is crucial when Revitive’s battery is running low. When Revitive is plugged into an outlet and no stimulation program is active, the battery recharges.

During charging, the battery indicator icon will continuously scroll; when the battery is fully charged, the scrolling will stop. The battery indicator on Revitive indicates the battery’s charge level.

The battery has to be recharged if Revitive is turned off and the low battery level indication blinks continuously for 10 seconds. As soon as Revitive’s battery is running low, the app will alert you. The power adaptor port on the side of Revitive should receive the small end of the power cord.

In the closest electrical outlet, insert the power adaptor. The battery will begin to charge as a result. Keep in mind that while a stimulation program is active, charging does not occur.

About 4.5 hours will pass before a complete charge. When the battery is fully charged, the full battery indicator won’t go out until the power adaptor is disconnected from the appliance or the outlet. A full charge provides 12×30 minute sessions, or roughly 6 hours of use.

How to download apps?

ou control Revitive and manage your therapy using the Revitive app. You will need to download and install the app from the app store to your phone first.

For Android phones
a Tap the Google Play icon on your smartphone. In the search field, enter “Revitive,” then press “Search.” From the search results, pick the Revitive app. You will view the app’s information page.
b Wait for the app to install after selecting Install next to the app’s name.

For iOS phones
a The App Store icon can be tapped on a mobile device.
b Tap, then enter “Revivive” into the search field. From the search results, pick the Revitive app. You will view the app’s information page.
c Tap Get close to the app’s name, then watch as it installs.

Why I am not feeling sensation though my Revitive is on?

Make sure your feet are bare, and simultaneously lay each foot on each of the foot-pads. When you begin to feel the stimulation, keep raising the intensity until it reaches a maximum of 99.

Try the method again after moisturizing the soles of your feet if they are dry to improve conductivity and stimulation. You might also need to step up the amount of intensity.

Drink a lot of water before and after using the gadget if your body is dehydrated. Your body serves as the electrical circuit for the device. It’s crucial to always be well hydrated because water is a strong conductor of electricity; if your body is dehydrated (below 60%), the stimulation may be diminished.

If the intensity level is too low, gradually increase it. This gadget is really secure. As soon as you begin to experience stimulation, keep raising the intensity level until it reaches 99. As you adjust to the therapy, you might find that you need to up the intensity. Finding a setting that causes you to feel comfortable and causes your calves to contract strongly is the goal rather than reaching 99.

The footpads won’t function if the electrode cord is still plugged in, so unplug it.

Certain portions of the app’s and Revitive’s display are visible when stimulation is paused. The stimulation session is ended by tapping stop, and it is resumed by tapping play. Make sure to drink plenty of water, moisturize your feet, and place both of your feet on the foot-pads.

If after attempting the aforementioned fixes you are still unable to feel the stimulation. Test the device by simultaneously putting one hand across both footpads (The heel end of the foot-pads is easiest). Increase the intensity level with your other hand starting at zero until you can feel the stimulation in your hand. The device is functioning if you can feel the stimulation in your hand. Please contact your authorized dealer if, after trying 99 times, you are still unable to feel the stimulation.

Revitive repairs UK – Why it is not switching on?

Make sure to remove the small magnet, warning label, and front protective film from your Revitive Medic Coach. You cannot use or charge your Circulation Booster until the magnet attached to the protective film is removed. The magnet disables the battery only for shipping considerations.

Make sure your gadget is hooked into a power source or that the battery indication indicates it has enough charge once the film or magnet has been removed.

What to do if Revitive is not “rocking”?

Only when the intensity is raised enough to sufficiently tense the calf muscles will Revitive rock. It’s possible that until you become used to the sensation, you won’t be able to boost the intensity any higher without discomfort. It’s critical to reduce the intensity to a level that is controllable.

Revitive is in front of you too far. Your knees should be 90 degrees apart while you sit.

The floor is preventing Revitive from rocking. Clear the obstruction.

How to register Revitive device? 

Devices bought directly from Revitive’s website or through their call center will be enrolled for warranty right away.

Please submit the following information to if you acquired your device from a different shop, such as Amazon, Boots, Lloyd’s Pharmacy, or Argos:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • A copy of your receipt or invoice
  • Contact telephone number
  • LOT number (which can be found on the back of your device) 

If have any issues or questions, please contact us on 0800 014 6377.

Does Revitive make a noise?

There is no operating noise from Revitive. It does, however, beep when turned on and off—one beep at the beginning and three beeps at the finish.

Does Revitive vibrate?

It does not vibrate, Revitive Circulation Booster. They employ EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, which has been said as feeling like “pins and needles.”

Do you stand or sit to use the Revitive?

Revitive is designed to be used while seated. Never stand on the Revitive foot-pads.

Does Revitive heat up?

No, Revitive Circulation Booster does not heat up. However, increasing blood circulation will naturally slightly increase foot temperature, helping cold feet.

Revitive repairs – contacts

Revitive UK

Actegy Limited.
1 West Point, Western Road,
Bracknell, Berkshire,

Customer Service

+44 (0)800 014 6377

Revitive repairs UK – How To Videos

Revitive AU

Unit 4/1 Newspaper Place
4558 Queensland

Revitive repairs third-party – PCB

The Process For All Revitive Services In The UK

1) Request a PCB Board repair or acquire a free prepaid post label for your Revitive repair nearby by requesting a free estimate.

2) Locate a Revitive service center in your area using the store finder below, then drop off your PCB Board there.

3) After receiving your PCB Board and diagnosing it, a Revitive professional will fix it after the repair cost has been established.

4) For any of our repair services, there is no upfront money necessary. Once we have fixed your Revitive PCB Board, we will conveniently bill you. Online bill payment is straightforward, and we’ll send back your Revitive circulation booster in brand-new condition.

Most of Revitive PCB Board services come with a minimum of three-month warranty which you can extend to a one year warranty for complete peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Thus, it may be said that there is no justification for purchasing a new PCB Board. especially if we can repair your Revitive circulation booster at a much lower price than buying it brand new. For most models, the price to fix a PCB Board starts at £22.

Request your free estimate right now and remember that we can assist you whether your Revitive circulation booster has issues or is not functioning at all.

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