Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S review – how good is mapping?


What is good in Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S? Cleaning thoroughly requires going room by room and row by row. Deep-cleaning ability to remove pet hair, large and small particles, and dirt. The route finding abilities of this vacuum are really excellent, and it is shrewd enough to return and clean any locations it might have missed the first time. Reveal more in Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fantastic performance in removing pet hair from bare flooring
  • Automatically emptying the dust bin into a big exterior one


  • Many components require routine cleaning.

User Manual @ Shark

Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S Specs

  • Brand: Shark
  • Color: Gray
  • Type: Robotic
  • Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Amazon Alexa, Google Home
  • Runtime: 60 min
  • Model: Shark EZ Robot
  • Voltage: 16 V
  • Features: Battery Operated, Carpet Cleaning, Edge Cleaning
  • Cord Type: Cordless
  • Smart Home Protocol: Wi-Fi
  • Power: 36 W

Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S Price

This Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S is worth about $449.99 and available in major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, eBay and others part of the world.

Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S review


This circular smart device comes in dark gray color. Its dimension is 18.5″L x 13.38″W x 11.42″H. It weighs around 12.23 pounds. The package contains 2 Side Brushes, Shark EZ Robot, Filter, and Self-Empty Base.

Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S Accessories

The Shark RV915S robot vacuum comes with a handful accessories. It has Vacuum robot body, Pre-motor filter in the internal dust bin, two side brushes, and door with a brushroll. The Station for self-emptying and charging, dust container at the base, filter and cover.


The two side brushes can be removed from their sockets without needing to be unscrewed. They tend to collect quite a bit of debris, so check for any accumulated debris once a week and clean them as necessary, either by hand or with a dry cloth.


Due to the external dustbin that is attached to its docking station, you are not required to manually empty the vacuum whenever it fills up. It varies in that the final debris disposal isn’t quite as hygienic because its external base station doesn’t employ disposable dirtbags. The self-emptying base is a fantastic feature that functions effectively. My cat sheds a little amount, but there are no problems with it picking up cat hair or any light dust.


The shark vacuum has a powerful suction. My regular vacuum misses some dog hair, but this one picks it all up. Additionally, this vacuum works well on my hardwood floors.

Shark RV915S Mapping

It’s incredible to watch the room mapping flawlessly go around furniture once it recognizes it is there. It has a lot of power and rarely gets stuck like the other one did. I enjoy vacuuming each row individually. Your home is mapped out, and you can see where the vacuum was placed. does a respectable job of completely covering the home in about 45 minutes. After emptying its dust container, it will resume vacuuming where it left off.

Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S Cleaning performance review

For bare flooring, the Shark EZ Robot Vacuum is adequate. It effortlessly removes pet hair and minor trash, although it has some difficulty with large material. Although rug tassels occasionally get caught in its brushroll, it has no trouble navigating this type of surface. While it struggles to remove tiny particles stuck in carpet fibers, it does a respectable job of getting rid of larger particles and pet hair.

Battery life

The battery performs excellently. It offers around 70 minutes of cleaning time in its powerful “Max” power setting. If operated in ‘Eco’ mode, you can extend it to more than 140 minutes.


After taking it out of the box, all you have to do is push on the 2 tiny brushes, take out all the plastic, and turn on the vacuum. Remove all plastic before plugging in the base and turning it on as well. Set the vacuum on the base. An error code will be returned if you don’t accomplish this correctly. Charge it as directed for 6 hours. You are then prepared to use it.

Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S App

Overall, the SharkClean app is decent. It is fairly feature-rich but not particularly user-friendly, and it frequently freezes. The app allows you to schedule cleaning sessions, view the cleaning history and charge status, tell the vacuum to clean or return to its dock, alter the suction power mode, enable push notifications, and update the vacuum’s firmware. A 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection is also required if you want to use the app to control the vacuum.

Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S consumer review

Absolutely love it!

Got it on sale for $279. And I would definitely pay more. We have 2 dogs and a cat in the house and we have a gravel/dirt driveway in the desert so we have a lot of dust, dirt and pet hair that needs to be vacuumed up all the time. This robot vacuum is very thorough. It may take a couple of runs to get to all parts of the house in the beginning but it seems to learn the layout with its row by row pattern. We have approximately 2100 square feet with 2 small bedrooms that we leave the doors closed so it doesn’t run in those room and it can get all of the floors in a little over an hour. It even cleans under our bed if we lift the bed skirt and under the couch. We have a lot of obstacles that it navigates around and so far has not gotten stuck. Much quieter than a regular vacuum. Super easy to get started, plug in the base and turn on the power it will do a very short clean pattern, dock itself to charge and then when it is fully charged, push the clean button and away it goes. Connection to Wi-Fi and Shark app is fairly easy as well. This a great

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Shark EZ robot vacuum RV915S alternative

Yeedi Vac Station 3000Pa

For those who don’t want to spend more than $1,000 on a self-emptying robot vacuum, this economical Yeedi model is an excellent choice because it is less expensive than our top overall pick. Given the additional features of the Yeedi Vac Station, its price is especially excellent. The self-emptying bin was a favorite among our testers since it is simple to use (it empties automatically upon entering the docking station) and leaves no mess when the dust bag is taken out of the docking station. Additionally, you don’t need to replace the dust bag very frequently because you can leave it in the docking station for up to 30 days.

We discovered that performance-wise, you do get what you pay for. The garbage we left on the floor wasn’t immediately picked up by this robot vacuum, and when it did, the hair got tangled in the brush roll and wheels. However, it managed to navigate our house fairly well and avoid obstacles with ease. The built-in mop capability of this vacuum also produced erratic results in our tests. When cleaning up the syrup, it left a sticky residue but was easily able to remove coffee. Price as of publication: $500.

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