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Shark RV2820AE Detect Pro self-empty robot vacuum review

Shark RV2820AE Detect Pro self-empty robot vacuum review


The newest robot vacuum from SharkNinja is the Shark Detect Pro Self-Empty Robot Vacuum. Three deep-cleaning technologies enable the Detect ProTM robot vacuum to maximise performance by detecting the kind of floor, the degree of mess, and the edges and corners of the area. In order to clean up the mess on carpets and hard floors, DirtDetect automatically boosts suction and cleaning passes to detect even the concealed debris. With the addition of NeverStuck technologyTM, this robot can now raise itself over thresholds and onto thick carpets in addition to navigating around obstructions.Every time, Detect Pro completes the cleaning task and empties itself into its bagless base, which has a HEPA Anti-Allergen Seal that traps dust and allergens. More in Shark RV2820AE Detect Pro self-empty robot vacuum review.

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Shark RV2820AE Detect Pro self-empty robot vacuum YouTube video review

Pros & Cons


  • Options for air quality
  • Auto-emptying base station without bags
  • Small and elegant design
  • Precise mapping
  • LiDAR navigation
  • Fantastic for pet hair


  • Absence of mopping capabilities
  • Editing maps can be difficult.

Shark RV2820AE Detect Pro Specs

  • Hazmat Class/Battery Cell Type UN3481 – Lithium Ion Battery with or in Equipment
  • Cleaning Path Width 5.72 in
  • Voltage 14.4 volts
  • Dust Cup Capacity 0.24 qt
  • Color BLACK
  • Wattage 35 watts
  • Amperage 3 amps
  • Filter Type washable fabric filter (pre motor)
  • Warranty (years) 1
  • Product Dimensions 20.08 in L x 13.39 in W x 13.58 in H
  • Number of Batteries Included 1
  • Weight 14.44 lbs
  • Dock Debris Capacity 1.0 gal. (3.7 L)
  • Dock Clean Water Tank Capacity n/a
  • Dock Dirty Water Tank Capacity n/a
  • Height 4″ (10 cm)
  • Diameter 13″ (32 cm)


The Shark Detect Pro Self-Empty Robot vacuum is one of the brand’s latest entrants with a competitive price point of $599, while hosting all of the bells and whistles. 

Shark RV2820AE Detect Pro self-empty robot vacuum review


The base measures 13 x 13 x 3.3 inches, which is an average size. A sizable LIDAR sensor and the dock and clean buttons are located on top. The hoover may be turned on and off or sent home with the dock button. By pressing the “clean” button, you can either stop or continue cleaning, or you can perform a “Matrix” spot clean on a five-by-five-foot area. In addition, there’s a nice multicoloured LED indicator light that tells you the battery status and more while it’s in “DirtDetect” mode.

The majority of the parts on its well-built main body are composed of plastic. It’s manageable in weight, making it suitable for any user to pick up.

In The Box

  • Shark Detect Pro Robot
  • Self Empty Base
  • Odor Puck
  • 2 x Side Brushes


The main brush and one side brush are located on the underside of the device. If you get hair, threads, or other material stuck in either, they are both simple to take out. It can also climb over obstacles thanks to the use of two drive wheels with NeverStuck Technology and one castor wheel.

Dirt bag

Larger than Shark’s previous versions, the large auto-empty dust-bin integrated into the dock can contain up to 60 days’ worth of dirt; however, the length of time depends on how often you clean and how unclean your floors are. It is easy to empty when it does get full. You may conveniently dispose of the bagless design of the bin by simply releasing it from the tower and placing it in the garbage.


It’s safe to say that this hoover has a lot going on with its combination of DirtDetect Technology, FloorDetectTM Technology, EdgeDetect Technology, and NeverStuck TechnologyTM. To put it simply, it detects and steers clear of edges, locates dirt, recognises and adapts to the type of flooring it is currently on, and stays clear of big items and floors that can trap it. They certainly covered a lot of ground with their new capabilities.

  • Overall Debris Tests 98.3%
  • Hardwood Floor Test 99.0%
  • Low Pile Carpet Test 98.6%
  • High Pile Carpet Test 97.2%
  • Long Hair Test 100%
  • Pet Hair Test 100%
  • Crevice Test 100%
  • Edge Cleaning Test 52.6%
  • Mop Test Exceptional
  • Cleaning Speed 60 min.
  • Obstacle Avoidance No
  • Build Quality Test Excellent
  • Noise Test 66 dB

Shark RV2820AE Detect Pro app

The Shark software instantly obtains a floor plan of your home and is user-friendly and intuitive. To keep your hoover mobile, you may also designate no-go zones that you can switch on or off. For example, I shut down our mudroom, which is stocked with, well, garbage. I also frequently close my kids’ rooms before I’ve had them cleaned. In the event that you forget to start the hoover or have last-minute guests, the app also lets you start and stop it while you’re gone from home.

With the app you can:

  • Adjust cleaning settings
  • Manage maps
  • Adjust cleaning sequence
  • Adjust mopping settings
  • Change smart settings
  • Create a custom cleaning schedule
  • Turn on do-not-disturb settings
  • View cleaning history

Smart feature

Regarding voice control, Tony Shark can be used with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, however there are no instructions provided by the Shark Clean app for doing so. I had to use the Amazon Alexa and Google Home applications to connect after looking it up on the Shark website and watching a video. It shouldn’t have been this difficult.


There were not many setup requirements for the Shark Detect Pro. I plugged it in, found an open spot, and used one click to install the side brush. The vacuum’s base now has a HEPA odour filter, which is a pleasant upgrade from my old model, which smelled strongly of dogs when it emptied into the trash.) I let the hoover charge for a while before releasing it. Because of the QR code on the base, it was simple to set up the app. But I was interested in seeing how it functioned on its own. Just download, attach the hoover and adhere to the detailed instructions.


The Shark Detect Pro produced 65.8 dB of noise in our noise testing when it was operating at maximum power. This is 3.24 dB less than the 69.04 dB average derived from all of our noise tests conducted thus far.

Ambient 40.0 dB
Eco 55.1 dB
Normal 58.9 dB
Max 65.8 dB
Self Empty 75.5 dB

Shark RV2820AE Detect Pro self-empty robot vacuum Performance review

My home is furnished with rugs, hardwood floors, and carpet. With its wheels, the hoover raises itself to adapt to any surface. Additionally, when switching between different floor kinds, the suction automatically modifies its frequency. It performed the same on both surfaces. On a shag carpet rug, though, it did struggle, spitting out Cheerios to keep from being clogged.

By weight, the Shark Detect Pro was able to eliminate 98.3% of the material. Based on all of our debris tests conducted to far, this is 5.9% more debris than the average of 92.4%. By weight, the Shark Detect Pro was able to eliminate 99.0% of debris. Based on all of our debris tests conducted to far, this is 1.8% more debris than the average of 97.2%.

By weight, the Shark Detect Pro was able to eliminate 98.6% of the material. This is 9.0% higher than the 89.6% average that comes from all of the debris tests we have done so far. The Shark Detect Pro was able to remove 97.2% of the trash by weight in our tests on high pile carpets. Based on all of our debris tests to date, this represents 7.1% more debris than the average of 90.1%.

The Shark Detect Pro caused zero long hair tangles by weight in the roller during our tests with long hair. Based on all of our long hair tests conducted to date, this is 50.6% less long hair than the average of 49.4%. By weight, the Shark Detect Pro eliminated all pet hair. Based on all of our pet hair tests conducted to far, this represents 27.0% more hair than the average of 73.0%.

Shark RV2820AE Detect Pro self-empty robot vacuum Consumer reviews

Great Bagless Self-Emptying Vacuum

At this point I would consider myself to be pretty well-versed in robot vacuums, as this model is my fifth. Therefore, I have a good idea of what to expect and where improvements have been made. The setup directions are easy to follow; only a phone and internet connection is needed. The vacuum’s first run creates a map – you evaluate whether or not it’s accurate. It took my vacuum about 20 minutes to map a 1000-sq ft space with multiple rooms. I found it to be fairly accurate. I was also able to easily map the rooms and add no-go zones. On my device’s first run, I noticed that it did an outline of the room and then covered the entire area by creating close zigzags. I was impressed that it vacuumed faster than other devices I’ve owned. I can tell that this vacuum has improved upon previous models, as it seemed to doubly concentrate on more soiled areas by slowing down. I was also pleased that this is still a bagless system. However, the bumper guard’s left side seemed to touch furniture and walls more frequently than the right. I plan to look deeper into the settings to see if there’s a reason for this. It also appeared that the center of the vacuum has a taller profile than competitors’, making it difficult to get under some furniture. Pros: quick, easy to map and set up boundaries, thorough cleaning of soiled areas Cons: contact with walls/furniture, taller profile Based on my previous history with Shark, I appreciate its reliability and bagless system as a cost saver. I recommend this model for anyone looking for an automated cleaning system that does a thorough job.

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