ZOSI 4K security PoE camera system review


How much is storage in ZOSI 4K security PoE camera system? This camera has an IP66 protection certification, and its metal casing efficiently prevents sand, dust, wind, and rain damage. Both interior and outdoor installations are suitable. Your smartphone will receive smart notifications with images via the ZOSI Smart App. To reduce false alerts, you can also configure your DVR’s detection zone. Reveal more in ZOSI 4K security PoE camera system review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Simple setup; just scan a QRC label to get going.
  • Day & Night Camera
  • Ethernet cable connectivity


  • Playback through the app is cumbersome 

ZOSI 4K security PoE camera system specs

  • Camera Feature 1: 2-Way Talk, Siren, and IR Cut
  • Camera Feature 2: 4 mm @ F2.0 horizontal 90° 8MP(4K), Metal, Indoor/Outdoor, Day & Night Camera
  • Remote View Setup: Quickly gain remote access by scanning a QR code
  • IR Night vision: 100 feet/30 metres
  • Remote Access Device: PC Client, Android, iPhone, and iPad
  • NVR Features: Smart Search Surveillance, H.265+ NVR Feature 1: P2P, QR Code to Remote Surveillance, 4K, HDMI, and VGA Output The second NVR feature is continuous, time-scheduled motion detection.
  • NVR Recording Mode: Motion Detection, Timed Scheduled, and Manual Recording
  • Full colour, B&W at night, and colour mode (Starlight Night Vision)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance Location IP/Network technology
  • Ethernet cable connectivity and wall plug-in power
  • There are 16 zones.
  • 8MP POE Camera System type

Compare ZOSI 4K security PoE camera system

8CH 4K PoE Security Camera System8CH 4K PoE Security Camera System16CH 4K PoE Security Camera System
Connection TypePower over EthernetPower over EthernetPower over Ethernet
Cameras4K PoE camera*44K PoE camera*44K PoE camera*8
Night Vision100ft100ft100ft
AudioTwo-Way AudioTwo-Way AudioTwo-Way Audio
Motion Detection

ZOSI 4K security PoE camera system review


Strong metal enclosure shields the camera from damage and the environment while also dissipating heat to prolong life. The front panel is really composed of plastic, and it has a matte black finish exactly like the majority of the case (the rear and bottom sides are an exception).

This camera, which has an IP66 weatherproof rating, is made to withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, heat, and cold. (Working temperature range: -40°C (-4°F) to 50°C (122°F)).


Since each Zosi C225 camera is somewhat large (12.5 x 12.0 cm), it will almost certainly be installed on a wall or ceiling. The rectangular part contains the camera sensor, which is located in the centre. Two visible spotlight LEDs are located on either side of the camera sensor.


An HDMI port, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a VGA port for older monitors are all located starting from the left. There are also two USB 2.0 ports for connecting any necessary accessories, including a mouse or a keyboard, and one more Fast Ethernet port for connecting to the router.


The DVR has 2 terabytes of storage, which is ample. With H.265+ coding, video file sizes can be reduced without sacrificing quality, freeing up a lot of storage space for longer recording sessions and improved watching. The NVR is a relatively small, metal, black box (it measures 9.0 x 9.0 x 1.8 inches or 23.0 x 23.0 x 4.5 cm).


in 4K quality. With the high pixel count, you can record anything in better detail and digitally zoom in on distant things without losing any quality. The camera can collect more light thanks to its Ultra HD 4K CMOS Image Sensor, which enhances colour, contrast, and low-light performance. With the high pixel count, you can record anything in better detail and digitally zoom in on distant things without losing any quality.

Starlight Night Vision

The camera has a cutting-edge starlight sensor for full-color, nighttime video that is brighter. Its f/1.6 aperture allows it to capture more light and show beautiful details even in extremely low light. 250 feet of night vision in ambient light and up to 100 feet of night vision in complete darkness.

Motion alerts & 2-way audio

The cameras will activate lighting and sirens to double-warn any intruders once an anomaly is found. By using the microphone on the webcam, you may simultaneously remind the other person. A speaker and microphone are incorporated inside the camera. Through this webcam, you may quickly interact with loved ones, friends, couriers, and even warn hazardous individuals.

ZOSI app

Setting up and using the Zosi app is fairly easy. The playback option at DVR Monitor have additional operations that helps to speed up any security incident investigation. The zoom capabilities are awesome. 

How to connect ZOSI 4K security PoE camera system?

The ZOSI 4K security PoE camera system features a cable that is fixedly attached to the back of the device and splits into two thinner cords at the end. Since the vendor states that the C225 cameras are ONVIF compliant, the first one enables you to connect a power adapter in case you don’t want to rely on PoE and want to use the camera with non-PoE types of NVRs.

The second connection has a Fast Ethernet connector, therefore it has a 100Mbps limit. This is great for cameras because they don’t need that much bandwidth, even at 4K; in fact, it’s a little bit excessive. And I liked that the producer provided screws for wall mounting the devices as well as 70-foot Ethernet connections for each camera inside the package (a single slim plate to which you rotate the cameras into place).

ZOSI 4K security PoE camera system consumer review

We have a ‘refurbished’ Swann system that was bought from Wal*Mart years ago and came with 4 Swann brand camera’s that a kind of crap. So.. Figured I’d give these inexpensive things a try.. Was so impressed with the crystal clear picture day and night I bought 4 of them.. Well worth it, and.. The line to the camera has individual controls which is awesome..Update!… I messed one of the cams up. Clearly my fault. I was playing with the inline switch, and accidently selected an output my system can’t handle so the picture went black. Found out. there’s no reset option on it, So I reached out to the company about my own screw up, and they promptly sent me out a replacement, and a return label to return the one I messed with.. BEST customer service ever.. Still crystal clear picture.

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ZOSI 4K security PoE camera system alternative

Swann SWDVK-445802V PoE Camera System

All the connections and accessories we required for installation were supplied with the Swann 4K PoE camera system, not that they were particularly numerous. Each camera also came with a 60 feet Cat5e Ethernet connection, and the NVR also came with a three foot cable of the same type. After deciding where to install the cameras, we connected them to the NVR with the longer 60-foot cords and our router with the shorter wire. The NVR only requires a small amount of software configuration before being ready to use. It took no longer than 30 minutes to set up all eight cameras. For a PoE security camera system, it is astounding.

The Swann 4K PoE system cost $1,200, making it the most costly item on this list, but it was definitely worth it. That’s because it’s the only one with artificial intelligence that can detect people and recognise faces without a subscription. The cameras warned us if a person was in view thanks to person detection. Particularly, the one we hung over the entrance to our flat allowed us to know when someone was at the door. The cameras identified the faces it observed using facial recognition, of course with our assistance. The cameras could detect whether we were in the frame when we uploaded our faces to the NVR under Advanced Analytics.

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