Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max all in one wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop review


Is the CrossWave max worth it? With the Bissell 2554A CrossWave cordless max all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop, you can quickly move from sealed hard floors to area rugs thanks to its multi-surface cleaning capabilities. Additionally, the CrossWave® Cordless Max multi-surface cleaner has better edge cleaning** for removing pet hair from baseboards and corners. Contrary to mopping, only clean water and solution touch your floors thanks to two distinct tanks that the two-tank technology maintains. There is less cleanup required after cleaning because the self-cleaning cycle cleans the brush roll and inside of the machine. Here is more benefits in Bissell 2554A CrossWave cordless max all in one wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop review.

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In the box

  • Two multi-surface brushrolls, two 8-oz hard floor formulas, a three-in-one docking station with a charger, a dirt tank strainer, and two 8-oz multi-surface formulas
  • With a 3-in-1 docking station
  • Tank strainer for sludge
  • Multiple-surface brushrolls on two
  • Hard floor formula, two 8-oz. bottles
  • Two 8-ounce bottles of multisurface floor formula

Pros & Cons


  • Large water tanks,
  • An excellent self-cleaning mechanism,
  • Excellent performance on all hard surfaces,
  • Cleanup of all liquid spills,
  • 30 minutes of cordless cleaning, and
  • Includes one litre of cleaning solution and is quite affordable.


  • Complicated charging dock interface
  • Expensive

Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max Specs

  • Name Model 2554A of the BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac is available in one quantity.
  • Energy Rating
  • Power Source: Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Rechargeable Cordless Brush System
  • 30 minute rotating run time Surface Type
  • Bare floors, sealed hardwood floors, and area rugs
  • Swivel Head Yes, 10.5″ Cleaning Path Width, Clean Tank Capacity
  • Dirt Tank: 18.6 oz; Water Tank: 28 oz
  • Electric blue accents adorn black and pearl white.
  • Weight11.5 lbs.
  • Carry Handle Yes


The Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max retails for about £430 and is readily available in the UK through Amazon, Currys, AO, and Bissell Direct. If you reside in the United States, take into account Amazon ($359) or Walmart ($399); if you are abroad, consider Bissell Australia ($699) and Harvey Norman ($649).

Compare Bissell 2554A CrossWave cordless max all in one wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop

CrossWave Cordless MaxCrossWave Pet ProCrossWave X7 Cordless Pet
Designed for Homes with PetsNoYesYes
ModesHard Floor, Area RugHard Floor, Area RugHard Floor, Area Rug, Turbo
Power TypeLithium Ion Battery25 ft. CordLithium Ion Battery
Run Time Up to 30 Minutes*N/AUp to 30 Minutes*
Advanced User InterfaceYesNoYes
Weight>11.5 lbs> 11 lbs> 10.6 lbs
Clean Out ModeAutoManualAuto
WiFi EnabledYesNoNo
Brush Roll IncludedMulti-SurfaceTangle-FreePet Multi-Surface
Formula Included Sanitize, Multi-SurfacePET Multi-Surface FebrezePET Clean + Natural

Bissell 2554A CrossWave cordless max all in one wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop review


Its general construction quality is comparable to that of the BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro, with a body primarily comprised of hard plastic and an aluminium wand.


With an extra-large 828ml clean water tank, the Bissell 2554A CrossWave cordless max all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop weighs a very reasonable 5.22kg. You won’t trip over a power cord thanks to its cordless design, which feels lightweight in your hands.


  • Bissell 2554A CrossWave cordless max
    • Vast body
    • dirty tank/dirty compartment
    • Cleaner compartment cover
    • tank of clean water
    • Filter
    • brushrolls twice
    • Filter for dirty cups
    • Brushroll sleeve
  • Various accessories
    • 2x 8 oz bottles of Multi-Surface Formula
    • 2x 8 oz bottles of Hard-Floor Sanitize Formula
    • energy adapter
    • Cleaning/Charging Dock
    • Vacuum dock tool holder Manuals


A screen is connected to the Bissell 2554A CrossWave cordless max to catch any fine dirt or pet hair. After each cleaning session, you should rinse the filter under running water. If necessary, you can also use a light detergent.

Brush roll

The roller itself is composed of a soft woolly material and is nine inches (approximately 23 cm) in width. It has multiple long bristles that are used to brush obstreperous items off the floor. Additionally, because the roller brush spans practically the whole cleaning head’s width, it can clean spills all the way to the edge.

The clear plastic brush roll glass merely has to be lifted in order to gain access to the brushroll and pull it free. The BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro’s brushroll is thinner than this one, and lengthy pet hair tends to get caught up in it. If there is any dirt or debris that has become stuck to it, you can frequently wash it under water to remove it or you may use scissors to cut it away, but be careful not to break the fibres of the fluffy brush.

Water tank

In addition to having a 28 oz (828 ml) water tank, this vacuum also features a mopping feature. The water tank is situated on the vacuum’s back and is simple to remove from its housing. It has two distinct markings, one for little regions and the other for large areas, for the amounts of detergent and water. Fill it with water until the correct level is reached, then add the necessary amount of detergent for the size of the space you intend to mop. After each usage, be sure to drain the water tank.


Excellent suction is present. In reality, it performs the role of a wet/dry vacuum, picking up dirt with strong suction while you mop.


Simply click the cleaning button on the new Max to inject water from the clean tank, activate the roller to clean it, and then activate the suction to complete the task. On bare floors, it performs an excellent job of handling pet hair, but you might need to make a second pass to get all of it off of low-pile carpets.

On this surface type, it effortlessly removes pet hair as well as small and bulky trash, with no discernible loss in suction capability as its dustbin fills up. Dealing with dried-on dirt and debris is another area in which its mopping function excels.

Performance review of Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max

The floor was entirely dry in only a few minutes thanks to the excellent cleaning work of the roller and the sucking up of the contaminated water. The roller is thoroughly cleaned by the self-cleaning feature. To catch all the large bits, the dirty water container contains a strainer that is simple to remove. Simply throw them away and pour the water down the sink. Good battery life and simple disassembly make for easy cleaning.

This is cleaned well and has a fresh aroma thanks to the excellent cleaning solution made by BISSELL. When you mop, all you are doing is spreading contaminated water. After being picked up by the brush, the filth and grime on your floor will actually be suctioned off by this device. Self-cleaning is a fantastic feature. Just make sure to clean and dry every component after the final use of the day.

Charge & battery life

Good battery performance is provided by the BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max. It can operate for over 40 minutes on a single charge, so you should have enough time to clean the majority of rooms before it runs out of power. Although continuously employing the detergent dispersal function may shorten its runtime, it doesn’t offer any unique suction power modes that would drain the battery more quickly.

BISSELL Connect app

It consists of an app that assists with a variety of tasks, such as ordering replacement cleaners, filters, and roller brushes. The app also monitors the wear on filters and roller brushes and notifies you when it’s time to change them for optimum efficiency.

Bissell 2554A CrossWave cordless max all in one wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop Consumer reviews

Favorite machine

I have read negative reviews about functionality in regards to what or how much the vacuum will pick up or lack of. I have found if you dust your floors prior to using the cross wave, it will perform to your expectations. I feel that you cannot expect the machine to suck up mounds of hair and dirt and meticulously clean simultaneously. The “heavy” debris needs to be swept up first, and by doing so I get very clean floors. When I empty the dirty water cup, it’s amazing to see the dirt and sand it has pulled up from the tile and grout. This is still a much easier system that sweeping and mopping over and over. We have 2 dogs and 3 people in our home. Our first floor is primarily tile throughout and is very much high traffic. I would recommend this machine!

By Mama Bear at BISSELL

Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max alternative

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner

Do you require a tool that can handle a lot of carpeting at once? The Hoover Power Scrub Elite has arrived. With a 25% higher capacity than the competition, this two-tank cleaner enables you to clean for longer periods of time without having to discard muddy water every half-hour.

With its powerful suction and 360-degree brushes, the Power Scrub penetrates deep into your carpets to extract any lingering filth, and its Quick Clean Mode enables you to clean and dry your carpets in just 45 minutes. Even “automatic detergent mixing” is available, so you may start working right away without doing any arithmetic. You can reach those hard-to-reach areas with the aid of an eight-foot hose and a pet tool adapter.

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