Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro multi-surface wet dry vacuum reviews


Can you use Bissell CrossWave X7 on carpet? With the BISSELL® CrossWave® X7 Cordless Pet Pro Multi-Surface Cleaner, cleaning up after pets has never been simpler. A cordless wet/dry vacuum designed for pet owners with a variety of flooring surfaces is the Bissell CrossWave X7. This battery-powered carpet cleaner is designed to clean both daily dirt and huge areas. It simultaneously vacuums and washes on sealed hard floors and area rugs, streamlining the cleaning process and saving you time. It is ideal for quick cleanup of regular pet messes. Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro multi-surface wet dry vacuum reviews has it all.

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In the box

The main vacuum device, two cleaning bottles, the charging base, and an extra roller head are all contained in the box. Right out of the box, the X7 has a roller head attached. There are two detachable tanks, one for waste water and the other for water and cleaning solution. The handle needed to be inserted just once into the main body’s slot for assembly.

Pros & Cons


  • Mopping capability
  • Decent suction
  • Two carpet cleaner containers
  • Excellent for cleaning hardwood and tile floors
  • Simple charging device and additional replacements


  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Canister empty – rather frequently

Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro Specs

  • Overall measurements are 25 inches high, 10.5 inches wide, and 9.5 inches deep (D)
  • Weight: 10.6 lbs.
  • 3 speeds, Titanium, Black, and Copper Harbor Accents
  • Yes, there is a carry handle. 10.6 pounds
  • Area rugs, bare floors, sealed hard floors, large areas, multi-surface, sealed wood floors are examples of surface types.
  • 9.5″ Cleaning Path Width
  • 12 to 15 oz. Dirt Cup Capacity
  • Yes, Swivel Head Clean
  • Tank Volume 18 oz.
  • Energy Rating Battery Power Source: Lithium Ion Cordless Rechargeable Brush System Time for Rotating Charge: 4 Hours
  • Run Time 30 min or more

Source: Bissell

Comparison Bissell CrossWave X7 vs CrossWave Max

CrossWave X7 Pet ProCrossWaveCrossWave Cordless Max
Power TypeLithium-Ion Battery25 ft. CordLithium-Ion Battery
Vacuum & WashYesYesYes
Multi-Surface CleaningYesYesYes
Two-Tank TechnologyYesYesYes
Designed for Homes with PetsYesNoNo
ModesTurbo, Hard Floor, Area RugHard Floor, Area RugHard Floor, Area Rug
Run Time Up to 30 Minutes*N/AUp to 30 Minutes*
Weight> 10.6 lbs.> 11 lbs.> 11.5 lbs.
Clean-Out ModeAutomatic Clean-Out CycleManualAutomatic Clean-Out Cycle
WiFi EnabledYesNoYes
Brush Roll IncludedPET Multi-Surface, Wood FloorMulti-SurfaceMulti-Surface
Formula IncludedSanitize, PET Multi-SurfaceMulti-SurfaceSanitize, Multi-Surface

Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro multi-surface wet dry vacuum reviews


The BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro appears to be solidly constructed. Despite having an aluminum wand, the majority of the item is constructed of hard plastic. It feels more durable than the BISSELL Adapt Ion Pet and the majority of other BISSELL vacuums, albeit it occasionally creaks while moving over uneven surfaces like carpets. Thankfully, disassembling and reassembling it is also pretty simple.


It has a modern design, a handle that is copper, and lights that alternate between blue and white. The CrossWave X7 has a built-in base station, so essentially the only setup required is joining the handle to the vacuum’s body.

Filter & Brushroll – Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro

Although much relies on how you use this vacuum, the BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro performs poorly when it comes to removing pet hair. It lacks a HEPA filter that captures allergens. However, it’s efficient at removing stains and has a detachable brushroll, which makes it a bit simpler to get rid of any hair or debris that has become adhered to the surface.

Water tank

The water tank is situated on the vacuum’s rear and is simple to remove from its container. It has two distinct marks, one for little regions and the other for big areas, for the amounts of detergent and water. Fill it with water until the correct level is reached, then add the necessary amount of detergent for the size of the space you intend to mop. After each usage, be careful to drain the water tank.


The BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro’s suction performance in actual use is mediocre. You probably won’t notice any differences in debris pickup performance depending on the mode you choose because switching between the “Hard Floor” and “Area Rug” modes doesn’t vary the brushroll height or suction power.

Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro Cleaning

The quick start tag and instruction booklet that come with the X7 provide a good overview of how to use it. According to the markings on the tank, I filled the solution tank with the hot water and cleaning solution that were supplied. Two 8oz trial-size bottles of Bissel Pet Clean+Natural Multi-Surface cleaning are provided as solution bottles.

From one of these bottles, you can easily obtain three to four full tanks. The roller bar and sprayer trigger are both started when the equipment is turned on. Additionally, it turns on the front light to make your way visible. The available cleaning modes—hard floor, area rug, and turbo pet mode—are covered in the instructions.

The self-cleaning feature does a great job of cleaning the brush of all the moisture and debris. The dirt screen easily pops out of the dirty water tank, which is rather simple to empty. The only challenging part is waiting for everything to dry completely before reassembling it.

Battery life & Charging

An indication for the battery level is located on the front of the vacuum, which is directly on the base station where it charges. To get the most out of your vacuum, you must charge it for at least four hours. The vacuum can spray clean water through the parts inside the base station to clean it on its own.


The BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro has a moderate amount of noise. It runs at about 80 dBA, which makes it exceedingly impossible to hear surrounding conversations or any other background noise. There are no power adjustment options or accessories that may alter the vacuum’s incoming airflow, so you won’t hear any appreciable variations in how loud it is.


For high-pile carpet, the BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro performs admirably. On this kind of surface, it easily removes pet hair and small particles of trash, but it struggles with bigger particles. Low-pile carpet is suitable for it.

It performs a great job cleaning pet hair and is reasonably competent at handling small stuff on this surface type, but it struggles mightily with bigger material. For bare flooring, the BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro works okay. On this surface type, it effortlessly removes pet hair and tiny debris, not to mention the bulkiest stuff, with no discernible decline in suction capability as its dustbin fills up. It can remove stains fairly well because to its mopping capability.

Bissell CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro multi-surface wet dry vacuum consumer reviews

BISSELL – CrossWave X7 Cordless Pet Pro vacuum

My floor and rugs looked awesome when I was all done, but it wasn’t until a short time later that I noticed a couple of things I didn’t like so much. The cleaning solution combined with the scrubbing action of the brush roll actually made my floors pretty slippery, like they were coated with something. My kiddo even slipped on the floor once that afternoon due to the new feeling on the floor. I think I’ll use half of the recommended cleaning solution going forward instead of the full amount to see if that helps. Cleaning the machine wasn’t hard at all, but it takes the same effort needed when using a carpet shampooer (cleaning the brush roll, rinsing the clean water tank, cleaning out the dirty water tank, and wiping out all of the areas with debris stuck to it, then letting it all dry). Clean-up is a little bit of a process that everyone considering this machine will experience when using the wet vac part of this product.

I do really like the docking/charging station. I love how securely the sweeper fits on the charger, and the included storage area for the brush roll is great. I also think the cleaning solution smells really fresh without being too overpowering, which I appreciate. The suction was also better than I expected, as it got nearly every crumb in the corners and hard areas that I normally have trouble reaching with just a sweeper.

One other thing worth mentioning is that the machine is on the louder side, so I popped in some earbuds and listened to some content while I was cleaning, which lessened the noise.

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