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What is the best crawl space dehumidifier for sale in 2022?

What is the best crawl space dehumidifier in 2022

What is good in best crawl space dehumidifier? A crawl space dehumidifier is a device that will automatically control humidity levels in the crawl space. Besides crawlspaces, it can also be installed in garages, basements, or other areas where dehumidification is desired. Alongside each dehumidifier’s weight and tank size, we looked at special features like:

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  • Auto defrost
  • Auto-restart
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Antibacterial filter

What features usually come with a crawl space dehumidifier?

Modern crawl space dehumidifiers usually have the following features:

  • A Hygrometer. This measures the humidity levels currently in the crawl space.
  • Constant draining. Many units come with a drainage collection tank, which, when full, will shut the unit off. Other units have continuous drainage or a combination of both. The recommended method for a crawl space is continuous drainage.
  • An adjustable humidistat. This is used to set the desired level of relative humidity. The standard level is between 30 and 40 percent.
  • An auto-defrost system. If you live in the colder states, then this will prevent frost build-up on the coils.

What is the best crawl space dehumidifier for sale – large room under 9,000 sq. ft?

hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier


  • Coverage Area: 4,500 square feet
  • Air Flow Capacity: 165-188 CFM
  • Pint Capacity: 50 PPD


  • Digital control panel
  • Removable tank and filter
  • Hands-free tank emptying with drainage hose
  • Turns on automatically after power outages


  • Drainage hose not included

The hOmeLabs Energy Star Dehumidifier, the largest crawl spaces can stay dry and comfortable. The hOmeLabs dehumidifier comes with a removable 1.6-gallon collection tank and 50 PPD, but it operates best when connected to a drain hose (not included) for hands-free emptying.

Designed to remove humidity from areas of up to 4,500 square feet, the hOmeLabs dehumidifier is powerful enough to tackle the toughest humidity problems. It is also simple to operate, and users can select from a timed mode or select continuous mode with the digital control panel, which means the unit will run for 24 hours until it’s shut off or until the tank fills.

If the power goes out, this unit will automatically turn back on and resume the last setting mode. The removable and reusable filter can also be rinsed and re-inserted.

COLZER Crawl Space Dehumidifier for 8,000 Sq. ft

Key Features:

  • Removes up to 212 pints per day (in saturated conditions)
  • 353CFM air flow rate
  • Ideal for large spaces up to 8000 sq. ft.
  • Has an Auto Drain and Auto Defrost function
  • Has an Auto Restart function
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Incredibly powerful
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Installation is easy


  • Very Expensive

For a significantly larger area like a hotel, or construction site, you will need a heavy-duty commercial dehumidifier like the one offered by Colzer, which we are discussing now.

It is by far the most powerful and most expensive dehumidifier on the list since it can remove humidity up to 212 pints per day (in saturated conditions) which is way more than any other dehumidifier on this list. The unit is fairly large in size, but handles are given on the top for carrying it, which is a good sign. Speaking of its power, it boasts heavy-duty fans that run at almost 353CFM and allows it to cover large spaces up to 8000 sq. ft.

The good fact about this dehumidifier is that it comes with a 16-foot long drain hose pipe which is already present in the package, so there’s no need to buy one separately. Other than that, it allows you to set the desired humidity levels by yourself, and auto-cycles On/Off for maintaining the humidity levels all the time. In addition, the auto drain, auto defrost functions of this dehumidifier make your life even easier. After a power outage, it’s even capable of auto restart and set back to the previous settings, and start working again.

Aprilaire E100 Pro 100 Pint Dehumidifier for Crawl Spaces of 5,500 Sq. ft

Need a long lasting, mess-free, energy efficient dehumidifier for your crawl space? Then check out Aprilaire E100 Pro dehumidifier for a no-frill moisture removal.

Eliminating up to 100 pints of moisture every day, the Aprilaire E100 Pro model is ideal for dehumidifying areas that are up to 5500 square feet. Easy and interactive, its display, touch pad controls, and control panel make sure that the product usage is a breeze. Another convenience factor,when we tested it, is its low maintenance feature with no messy trays to empty.

The air filter also requires cleaning or replacement only after a year. Its coils are coated with aluminum, to prevent corrosion and leaks. It has digital controls with remote capability which makes the unit user friendly. Aprilaire E100 dehumidifier is by far the best crawl space dehumidifier in the market for this price.

Here are its pros and cons.


 Simple filter cleaning 
 No Messy Trays to remove water
 Easy to Set up



Waykar Crawl Space Dehumidifier for 6,500 Sq. ft

Key Features

  • Ideal for spaces up to 6500 square feet
  • Removes up to 155 pints per day
  • Preset relative humidity of 10% to 98%
  • Air speed rating of 175 CFM
  • Comes with automatic shut off/on feature
  • Humidity auto control
  • Auto-defrost feature for maintenance
  • 1-24 hours programmable timer
  • 2-year warranty


  • Powerful option ideally suited for large spaces
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to use


  • Poor packaging causing the unit to be damaged during transit

Waykar is a popular brand that specializes in developing smart-home life products with advanced features. The brand is known for its reliable customer support in improving the product experience.

Waykar’s crawl space dehumidifier comes with a high efficiency moisture removal capacity that can remove up to 155 pints of water per day. This makes the dehumidifier perfect to be used in large areas such as basements, garages, warehouses, and office spaces.

The dehumidifier has a removable controller with 393 inches wire and a humidity sensor with 196 inches wire allowing you to use the unit comfortably in large space areas.

The crawl space dehumidifier features an intelligent control panel with easy-to-use functions. It will sense room humidity and automatically adjust the dehumidification to maintain the preset level. Besides, the automatic shut off/on feature turns off the unit when the preset humidity is reached and restarts when the humidity level increases. There is also an auto-defrost feature to eliminate maintenance work and allow the unit to be used in cold environments as low as 41°F.

Waykar backs this crawl space dehumidifier with a 2-year warranty period from the original date of purchase.

What is the best crawl space dehumidifier for sale – under 5,000 sq. ft?

Tosot 50 Pint Dehumidifier for 3,000 Sq. ft

Coverage area:  up to 3,000 sq. ft.
Dehumidification performance (pints per day): 50
Pump:  no
Water tank capacity: 2 gal.
Dimensions: 14.8 x 11.4 x 24.0 inches
Warranty:  1-year limited
More features: quiet operation at 52 dB; LED display controls

When it comes to the best crawl space dehumidifier, you might think that you will only get the best machine if you spend the most money. While this might be true for some models, it is, thankfully, false as far as this dehumidifier is concerned. This appliance is exceptionally budget-friendly, as it is by far the cheapest model available on the market today. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to save a bit of money while also controlling the humidity level in their home.

What makes this such a great value is the fact that it is so simple to use. The controls on the top of the machine are easy to set and read, even in a dark crawl space. This appliance is also extremely mobile, thanks to the wheels on the bottom. You shouldn’t have any issue whatsoever getting it into place once you have it in your crawl space. The coverage area is also quite large for the price, as this model is capable of dehumidifying any space up to and including 3,000 square feet.

One thing that is a bit of a concern with this dehumidifier is the lack of a pump. While this model has a continuous drain option, it will need to be drained directly into a drain or external pump, which will end up costing you some extra money. You could also empty the tank manually. The Tosot does have a high-capacity tank, but will still need to be emptied at least once per day if you have an extremely wet crawl space.

What do we love it for?

Quiet operation
High-capacity tank
Large coverage area
Easy to read and operate controls
What were we disappointed with?

Does not have a pump
Low dehumidification performance

ALORAIR Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifiers 198 PPD for 2,600 Sq. ft

Large spaces with serious excess moisture issues might require a bit more power, and a heavy-duty upgrade unit like AlorAir’s Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifier might be the way to go. This model features a 198 PPD rating in saturated conditions, giving it enough power to cover spaces up to 2,600 square feet.

This model from AlorAir isn’t just capable of handling larger spaces, it also has convenience features like automatic defrost and compatibility with a remote control (though it’s a separate purchase). If the power goes out, the automatic restart will kick on and begin dehumidifying without user input.

This unit comes with a condensate pump already installed, allowing users to remove water with ease, pumping the water away instead of relying solely on gravity. This makes for more versatility during crawl space dehumidifier installation.

Product Specs

  • Coverage Area: 2,600 square feet
  • Air Flow Capacity: 210 CFM
  • Pint Capacity: 198 PPD


  • Suitable for large crawl spaces
  • Condensate pump included
  • Automatic restart
  • Easy to install


  • Remote control sold separately

Aprilaire 1820 dehumidifier for 2,200 Sq. ft

Coverage area:
 up to 2,200 sq. ft.
Dehumidification performance (pints per day): 
25 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches
 5-year limited
More features: corrosion-resistant aluminum coils; engineered and manufactured in the USA

If you are in the market for a no-frills, easy-to-use, and easy-to-setup dehumidifier for your crawl space, then this just might be the model for you. It is extremely easy to operate. All you need to do is place the model on a level spot, plug it in, set the humidity level you desire and let the unit take care of the rest. It is a completely automatic operation that will run only until the humidity level reaches your desired one. After that, it will automatically shut down until the humidity level starts to go back up, which will make it turn back on.

This model is also built to be used all day, every day. The corrosion resistant coils help to keep it from breaking down, which makes it an excellent option for use in an incredibly moist environment. It is unfortunately not suited for colder temperatures, so keep your crawl space temperature in mind before you decide upon this model.

Something that is really surprising about this unit is its high-performance level. It is able to remove up to 70 pints of moisture per day from a 2,200 square foot space, even though it is so compact and easy to move.

This dehumidifier comes with a drain hose that is on the shorter side, which might make it difficult to reach a drain. If, however, you don’t have a drain for it to empty into, you will need to buy an external pump, as this model does not have an internal one.

What do we love it for?

Long warranty
High-performance level
Compact design
Corrosion resistant coils
Large coverage area
Easy to setup
Simple control system
What were we disappointed with?

No pump
Not good for colder temperatures
Provided hose is too short

What is the best crawl space dehumidifier for sale – under 2,000 sq. ft.?

AlorAir Commercial Dehumidifier 113 Pint for 1,300 Sq. ft

Product Specs

  • Coverage Area: 1,300 square feet
  • Air Flow Capacity: 120 CFM
  • Pint Capacity: 113 PPD and 53 PPD AHAM


  • Built-in filter
  • Gravity-draining design
  • Automatic defrost setting


  • Remote control sold separately
  • Pricey

AlorAir’s Commercial Dehumidifier is worth checking out for anyone hunting for a medium-capacity unit to fix their crawl space moisture issues. This model features a 113 PPD capacity in saturation conditions and 53 PPD AHAM conditions, making it suitable for spaces up to 1,300 square feet (which includes most residential crawl spaces). It comes with a filter to prolong the life of the unit, which is easy to access from the side of the machine.

Besides its capacity, this gravity-draining unit has plenty of desirable features. Among those features are an automatic defrost setting to protect the coils from freezing and memory restart, allowing this unit to pick up where it left off after a power outage. This model from AlorAir is also compatible with a remote control for easy settings and readings, though it is a separate purchase.

Vacplus 1,500 Sq. Ft. 30 Pints Dehumidifier

  • Tank Size: 2.8 pints
  • Room Size Availability: 1,500 sq. ft
  • Weight: 20.9 lbs.
  • Special Features: Intelligent humidity control, antibacterial filt


  • The auto shut-off and dual drainage modes are a big plus
  • Running it in continuous mode really pulls in the moisture
  • Easy to set up and use, following the simple instructions
  • Once you set the humidity level, it stays at that level


  • We wish the unit came with a slightly longer drainage hose for easier placement
  • The water collection tank could be a little bit bigger

With a superior quality compressor, the 1,500 sq. ft. dehumidifier from Vacplus can quickly remove up to 30 pints of moisture from your crawl space every 24 hours. It features intelligent constant humidity control with automatic adjustment. Set your target humidity level and the unit will constantly sample moisture in the air and make the relevant adjustments to maintain that setting. The simple controls on the top of the unit have a power on/off button, fan speed, mode, timer, and humidity buttons, plus a digital readout screen.

A useful feature of this dehumidifier is its 2-way timing. It has a timed boot and shutdown function which allows you to program the 24-hour timer to take advantage of any cheap, off-peak electricity rates. If you choose to make use of the collection tank, then the unit will automatically shut off when the tank reaches capacity. 

However, if your crawl space is typically difficult to reach, you may prefer to “set it and forget it.” To do this, you connect the included dehumidifier drain hose and the unit will drain via gravity. Both the collection tank and the drain hose connection are located at the rear of the unit, along with the washable, antibacterial filter.

Using a high-precision humidity sensor, the unit will sense when the humidity reaches your pre-set limit and go into standby mode. As soon as the humidity level rises the dehumidifier automatically starts again and continues extracting moisture until the level drops to the pre-set, helping to prevent issues such as mold and mildew from becoming a problem.

Tenergy Sorbi 1000ml Air Dehumidifier

Product Specs

  • Coverage Area: 200 square feet
  • Air Flow Capacity: 22 CFM
  • Pint Capacity: 1.6 PPD


  • Suitable for very small spaces
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Quiet operation


  • Short power cord
  • Small tank may require frequent emptying

A standard dehumidifier will improve the air quality of your space by limiting musty odors, mold, and mildew. When you add an air purifier to the mix, then you’re also directly reducing dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens at the same time. With this hybrid model from Tenergy, you’ll get double the comfort from one unit.

The dehumidifier feature can remove 750 milliliters of moisture per day in environments with an 80 percent humidity level at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. When the 33-ounce/1-liter water tank reaches full capacity, an automatic shutoff will prevent overflow. Using a true HEPA filtration system, this small dehumidifier can also remove up to 99.97 percent of microparticles and allergens from the environment at the same time.

It may cost more than a standard small dehumidifier, but having the benefits of an air purifier in the same unit can save both space and money in the long run. This small dehumidifier is ideal for spaces up to 200 square feet, and it runs at a quiet 35 to 42 decibels.

Ebac CS60 Crawl Space Dehumidifier


  • Hot gas defrost
  • 56 PPM
  • Space-saving design
  • 25-foot cord


  • Fan runs continuously
  • Coverage for the price

Whenever a company puts the word crawl space into the name of their product, you know they mean business. That’s the case with an Ebac CS60 crawl space dehumidifier, which is built for tight spaces and smaller areas that require special attention.

With the Ebac CS60, you get a dehumidifier rated to handle up to a 1,500 square foot room. It has a washable slide-out filter in a fan that runs continuously, although the noise level is minimal at 57 dB. As for the dimensions, this system measures 14”H x 14”W x 20”D, which is about the average for this range. In other words, it should fit securely in most crawl spaces.

This machine can move quite a bit of air, considering it can process 360 cubic square feet of air per minute. It can pull up to 56 pints of moisture per day from your crawl space under ideal conditions and has an efficient rotary compressor. A set of rubber feet will help to dampen any vibrations from the system, and they’re two collapsible handles in case you need to move the unit for taking on the go.

From a hot gas defrost and feature to the easy-to-use industrial design, there’s a lot to like with the Ebac CS60. With the right accessories, you could make this system fully automatic, although the warranty isn’t as good as you’ll find from other manufacturers. Ebac provides a one-year unconditional warranty on the system itself to go along with a 3-year guarantee on the compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

Ivation Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Key Features

  • Ideal for crawl spaces up to 270sq.ft.
  • Can remove up to 13 pints per day
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Works good at 33°F to 104°F
  • Comes with a digital display control panel
  • Adjustable Fan Speed
  • 5-gallon water tank capacity


  • Ideal for congested and small spaces
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Offers dual-drainage options


  • A little noisy

Ivation offers a wide range of good dehumidifier options, especially if you are looking for a portable one.

This dehumidifier option from Ivation is perfectly ideal for small spaces, crawl spaces, bathrooms as it efficiently removes moisture, odors from the air, even in the cold seasons. The overall size of the dehumidifier is quite compact, so it’s very lightweight and easy to carry. However, don’t judge it by its size as it is a powerful dehumidifier capable of removing up to 13 pints per day from floor spaces up to 270sq.ft. It’s quite a hefty product as it can perform in adverse temperature conditions from 33°F to 104°F.

On top of it, you get a sleek and user-friendly digital display that lets you monitor and control its settings effortlessly. You can even adjust the humidity levels as per your likings, and also play around with the fan speed. Apart from that, it does come with Timer/Sleep mode as well. Being a small and compact dehumidifier, it only has a 0.5gallon tank capacity. However, you can use the connection hose for continuous drainage as well.

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