NuWave OxyPure large area smart air purifier reviews – what is the best price?

Does NuWave OxyPure large area smart air purifier effective against dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander,? It has good Clean Air Delivery Rate, go-anywhere 360-degree air intake, air quality sensors, high energy efficiency and low cost of ownership,. NuWave OxyPure large area smart air purifier is designed to clean the air of a space as large as 1,200 square feet. It boasts Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) of 332 cubic feet per minute (CFM) for tobacco, cooking, and fireplace smoke; 346 CFM for dust; and 369 CFM for pollen. Know about more features in NuWave OxyPure large area smart air purifier reviews.

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Pros & Cons – NuWave OxyPure large area smart air purifier


  • Excellent clean air delivery rates
  • Great for use all day and night
  • Washable Filters
  • Capable of cleaning rooms up to 515 square feet
  • Can be placed anywhere in your home
  • You can control the device via the app
  • 3 permanent and 1 replaceable filter
  • Good value: WiFi + 2 air quality sensors


  • Price
  • Not Verified by AHAM

NuWave OxyPure Air Purifier specs

  • Effective for rooms up to 515 square feet
  • 5 stage air purification with 3 permanent filters
  • 2 air pollution sensors on-board
  • WiFi enabled with smartphone app
  • 5 year limited warranty

NuWave OxyPure large area smart air purifier reviews


The NuWave Oxypure has a fairly conventional box shaped design. The entire unit stands just over 2 feet tall and has a base that is 14 inches wide. The unit weighs a total of 27 pounds. It comes with wheels that can be attached under the air purifier to make it easy to move between rooms.

Control feature in NuWave OxyPure large area smart air purifier

All of the controls for the NuWave OxyPure are also available on the air purifier as buttons. The various buttons available on the control panel are

  • Main Power Button
  • Auto Clean Mode
  • Ultimate Clean Mode
  • Fan Speed Selection
  • Auto Timer Button
  • Turbo Clean Mode
  • Particulate Pollution Indicator
  • Gas Pollution Indicator


There are two sensors on-board the NuWave Oxypure. One is for detecting airborne solid particulate pollutants while the other is for detecting gaseous pollutants. The Oxypure can be placed in auto mode where the air purifier automatically adjusts its fan speed based on the level of pollutants detected. In manual mode, there are 6 different fan speeds that can be selected.


There are four different filters on-board the NuWave Oxypure.

Stainless Steel Pre-Filter – While most air purifiers have a fabric or plastic mesh pre-filter, the Oxypure has a stainless steel pre-filter. This filter is built to last for 20 years so its fair to say that this is a permanent filter. The job of the pre-filter is to keep out large pollutants like dust, lint, hair and fur. This ensures that these pollutants do not go further into the air purifier where they can clog up the more sensitive filters.

Bio-Guard Filter – The next filter on the NuWave Oxypure is the Bio Guard Filter. This filter works on the principle of Electrostatic Precipitation. The air passing through the filter is infused with a small electric charge. This causes pollutant particles like dust, aerosols, germs and bacteria to become charged. These charged pollutants are then captured by the filter through electrostatic attraction.

Ozone Removal Filter – The next filter on the Oxypure is the Ozone removal filter. To be honest, I am not too sure how this filter works. NuWave claims that this filter will remove Ozone and bring Ozone levels in your home to well below any dangerous limits. What they do not specific however, is how the filter actually works.

Combination HEPA + Activated Carbon Filter – The last filter on the NuWave OxyPure is the combination HEPA + Activated Carbon filter. This is the only filter on the OxyPure that needs to be replaced. This filter lasts for 12 months of usage. It combines two of the most popular filtration technologies used in air purifiers – HEPA Filtration and Activated Carbon filtration.


This allows you to position your purifier anywhere in the room. It takes in air from all sides as opposed to the conventional air purifiers that only take in air from one side. It delivers clean air at unmatched rates. The CADR for dust is 346, 332 for cooking, fireplace and tobacco, and 369 for pollen.


The NuWave Oxypure has an ACH value of at least 4 for rooms smaller than 500 square feet based on its CADR Ratings. A good air purifier should be able to produce a volume of clean air that is equal to volume of the room in 10 – 15 minutes. This implies an ACH value between 4 and 6.

Room coverage

We recommend this device for larger homes. While the optimum size space to use the NuWave OxyPure is 515 square feet, you can actually place it in a room of up to 1,000 square feet.

The device is robust, making it great for larger environments. It’s also very energy efficient, so it’s an excellent option to use regularly in your home.

App feature

The NuWave Oxypure Air Purifier is a WiFi enabled air purifier. Once connected to the WiFi, you can control the air purifier using the NuWave Connect app

The OxyPure is also a smart device, with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi adapter onboard and a mobile app that you can use to interact with it. 

How does it work?

Air is taken in through vents on all four sides of the unit, at the floor level, pushed upward through a series of four filters, and output through a vent on the top of the device. The four filters include a stainless-steel pre-filter for large particulates, such as pet dander; an electrostatic filter to remove bacteria, viruses, and mold; an ozone filter that degrades ozone to oxygen; and a HEPA/carbon combo filter to capture gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The first three filters can be washed and reused. Each of them is rated to have up to a 20-year lifespan. The HEPA filter must be replaced annually or more often, depending on usage. Four HEPA filters are included with your initial purchase.

NuWave OxyPure large area smart air purifier Performance reviews

The OxyPure’s touch-sensitive controls are intuitive and easy to work with, letting you manually adjust air speed or use the auto mode to run based on the unit’s deduction of how dirty (and/or smelly) your air is. An optional timer can be set to run anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours before it automatically turns off.

All modes run well, though if you let the unit adjust its power by itself, it tends to burst into its highest-volume (and loudest) modes for up to a minute before dropping down to a quiet hum for a longer while, then repeating the process a few minutes later.

Furthermore, The University of Minnesota conducted an independent study of NuWave OxyPure in indoor environments testing the effectiveness of air borne pollutants such as Porcine Respiratory Coronavirus and found it to be effective at a flow rate of 70 cubic feet per minute. In other words, it really works!

The product has an excellent sleep mode that you’ll appreciate using at night time. However, the NuWave OxyPure Air Purifier also has other options for you to use throughout the day and night:

  • Auto Mode – The device runs automatically without you having to adjust the fan’s settings.
  • Sleep Mode – The LED lights are off when you use this mode, but the fan is still activated.
  • Ultimate Clean Mode – This mode makes the device adjust its speed based on the air quality in your rooms.
  • Eco-Friendly Mode – This mode will only allow the device to turn on when it detects poor air, saving energy in your home.
  • Turbo Mode – Turbo Mode helps to clean the air quickly by using the high fan speed. You can choose between a short time of thirty minutes, or up to one or two hours.

Alternate of NuWave OxyPure large area smart air purifier

Coway AP-1512 HH Mighty

  • Room size: 361 square feet
  • Filters: True HEPA + washable prefilter + odor filter + bipolar ion filter
  • CADR (smoke/dust/pollen): 223 cfm/246 cfm/240 cfm
  • Speeds: Three
  • Warranty: Three years
  • +Consistently exceptional performance in real-world tests
  • +Quiet+Low-profile design

-Questionable customer support

It’s reasonably priced for how well it works, it’s one of the quieter machines of its size, and it has most of the features we’d want in an air purifier, including a programmable timer, several fan speeds and a filter indicator light. As a result, it’s a bit hard to find in stock right now.

The Coway AP-1512 HH Mighty is consistently ranked among the best air purifiers on the market — and with good reason. It’s also one of the quickest to sell out at online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Replacement filters are fairly cheap and energy costs relatively low, which makes the Coway one of the least expensive air purifiers of its caliber to maintain year to year. 

Finally, the Coway AP-1512 HH Mighty is easy on the eyes. It comes in sleek black or white and is relatively compact compared with many other purifiers of similar performance, so it simply fades into a corner.  

The Coway Mighty is one of the only purifiers we considered that has an ionizing function. The effectiveness and safety of ion filters is questionable (due to possible ozone production), but you can just turn this function off. 

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