Medify MA-14 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter reviews – how to buy replacement filter?


How to buy replacement filter for Medify MA-14? Its control panel includes fan speed, night light, sleep mode, and a filter replacement indicator so you know when it’s time to replace the 360 degree filter. It runs at 110 Volts at a maximum noise level of 55 dB. For the most discreet operation, enable sleep mode to completely dim the unit’s panel lights. Get details in Medify MA-14 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter reviews.

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Pros & Cons – Medify MA-14 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter


  • Sleek design and portable
  • The New edition filter has an activated carbon layer
  • Has easy to use controls
  • Sleep mode, blue LED light
  • Medical-grade H13 True HEPA filter
  • It’s perfect for desks and small rooms
  • Zero ozone emission, suitable for kids, pets, and asthmatic persons
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The air purifier lacks an ionizer to boost the filtration system
  • Produces 55 decibels of noise at a higher fan speed setting
  • Replacement filter price is high

Specs – Medify MA-14 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter

  • NET/GROSS WEIGHT (IN LB): 5.3 lbs
  • WATTAGE: 26W
  • CONTROLS: Fan Speed, Night Light, Sleep Mode, On/Off
  • FAN SPEED: 3 Speeds
  • PARTICLE CADR: 120m³/h
  • STANDARD COVERAGE: 470 sq. ft. every 60 minutes, 200 sq. ft. every 30 minutes, 117 sq. ft. every 15 minutes
  • FILTER LIFE: 3-4 months or 2,500 hours
  • FILTERING CONFIGURATION: Pre-filter, H13 True HEPA, active carbon composite
  • NOISE LEVEL (DB): Minimum: 21dBA Maximum: 48dBA
  • Filtration: Pre-filter and HEPA filter combined in a package
  • HEPA class: H13 HEPA
  • Filter life: 1500 hrs. or 3 months
  • Maximum CADR: 120 cubic meter per hour (m³/h) or 71 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
  • Sensors: N/A
  • Room Coverage: 178 sq ft with 3 air changes per hour or 106 sq ft with 5 air changes per hour
  • Number of manual fan speed: 3
  • Automatic mode: No
  • Size: 12.20”H x 8.26”W x 8.26”D
  • Device weight: 5.3 lbs
  • Rated power: 26 W
  • Maximum Noise: <55 dB(A)
  • Voltage: 110-120 V AC 60 Hz


The Medify MA-14 is only $99, which is the price of the lowest-range segment, and the reduced price make path for the next Medify MA-15. It’s a “fashion” device, one for those who want a slightly cheaper air purifier with decent build and some attractive specs. One that you may take a look for, then forget it immediately if you don’t like.

It costs the same as the new Sharp FP-F30UH and Levoit Vital 100, and you can’t skip the AeraMax 100 and GermGuardian AC4300BPTCA, as all of these air purifiers come from big air purifier brands.

Annual Filter Replacement: ~ $149 based on 3-month use per filter (check availability & filter price)
Monthly Energy Consumption: ~ $1.9 (based on 12 cents per kWh and 20 hours use on top speed per day). Use our Energy Consumption Calculator to find out the bill based on your usage and the local energy rate.

Medify MA-14 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter reviews


The air purifier is compact enough to sit on your tabletop or work desk. It comes in a sleek design. This portable unit comes with an easy to carry handle. The Medify MA-14 measures 12.2 inches in height and 8.3 inches in width. It weighs only 5.3 lbs, so you can grab the device and bring it anywhere in your home. Unlike other air purifiers with such design, the Medify MA-14 has a large base.

Top panel & Control

You can access the controls on the front-facing panel. There are three controls – power button, night light function button, and fan speed control.

The power button allows you to turn on/off the purifier. Once you press the button to start the air purifier, you should hear the fans spinning. To change the speed of the fans, press the top button. You have the option of three fan speeds.

The mid button is for controlling the night light function. Once you press the button, ambient blue light illuminates the area close to the air purifier. This light helps you relax, but if the light makes it difficult for you to sleep, press the button to turn it off.

If you choose a high fan speed, the fans will generate noise with a rating of 55 decibels. This is slightly higher than a conversation or a refrigerator at 50 decibels. The good news is, you can select low or medium fan speed, which means less noise.


High-quality air filter is one of the main selling points of Medify Air, and even in this entry-level air purifier, you will see a 2-stage air cleaning system as below.

  1. Pre-filter – A layer of pre-filter covers the True HEPA filter, to prolong the life time of the core filter, by trapping the large objects of pollutants like fur, hair and large dust.
  2. True HEPA filter – The True HEPA Filter (graded H13) that captures 99.97% of as small as 0.3 microns allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold and fungi particles.

Medify Air is proud to manufacture the standard medical grade of True HEPA filter in their every product. Though not having the Activated Carbon filter like Medify MA-18 or Medify MA-25, our today unit still can remove most of the contaminants out of the air.


The type of HEPA filter installed in this air purifier is the medical-grade – H13.

It removes PM2.5 particles like pollen, dust mites, and mold spores, including tiny dust particles from the room. The air purifier has a CADR of 120 m³/hr or 71 cfm. Besides, the filtration system is efficient; it’s easy to change the filters.

For the entry-level air purifier of the family, Medify MA-14 is recommended for a room of 200 square feet.

The ACH of Medify MA-14 is 1X to 4X. If the Medify MA-14 does only one exchange in 1 hour, it can cover a space of 470 square feet. The CADR of Medify MA-14 is 73 Dust/ 70 Smoke/ 69 Pollen (cfm). It is a bit lower than the GermGuardian AC5250PT and Levoit Vital 100, but considering its compact size, it is still unbelievable.


The Medify MA-14, despite of its low fan power, still runs with high noise level, up to 55 decibels (db) on highest speed. For an air purifier specially made for bedrooms, it is quite noisy to operate. So to say, you should keep it on lowest speed most of the time.

Medify MA-14 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter performance reviews

I performed a test in a room of 100 square feet, both for the Medify MA-14 and Medify MA-18, in 1 hour. Also, I used many Chinese air purifiers like the Hathaspace, Elechomes EPI236, Inofia PM1619 and Okaysou AirMax8L to help you compare with the air purifiers of Medify Air. As a result, our today unit had a score of 99.9% efficiency for trapping any particles down to 0.3 microns, which is the same as the Vornadobaby Purio and Vornado AC350 in the same price range.

Moreover, the Medify MA-14 doesn’t have a carbon filter, so it can’t adsorb the odors and chemicals.

Alternate of Medify MA-14 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter

Medify Air MA-25 Review


  • 250 CADR rating with 250 sq ft recommended coverage area (1:1 ratio)
  • One of the best mid-sized air purifiers
  • Has the H13 HEPA filter that lasts for 2500 hours
  • Price-wise is more affordable than the MA-40 (you can buy 2 of them for the price of 1 MA-40)


  • Can’t handle 500+ sq ft area, and is overkill for areas below 200 sq ft
  • H13 HEPA filters are exceptional but replacement filters do cost almost $70
Most Thorough Mid-Size Medify Air Purifier
Coverage Area:250 sq ft (4 ACH)
CADR Rating:250
Filters:High-Grade H13 HEPA
Replacement Filter:B084Q965BF (2500 hours)
Dimensions:8 x 8 x 13.5 inches
Weight:7.3 lbs

Medify Air MA-25 is a mid-sized air purifier. Medify has, due to the use of H13 HEPA filters, a reputation of creating very thorough air purifiers; the ones which capture the maximum number of particles. Medify Air MA-25 is the most-thorough model because:

  1. MA-25 has a CADR rating of 250.
  2. MA-25 has a recommended coverage area of 250 sq ft.

That’s a 1:1 ratio of CADR rating to square footage. That means that the highly-capable Medify MA-24 is operating in medium-sized rooms. The sheer impact of such purification power, coupled with the use of H13 HEPA filters, ensures truly a thorough air pollutant removal.

Of all the air purifiers, there is only a handful that has a 1:1 CADR to square footage ratio. That, along with an affordable price of below $200, makes the Medify MA-25 one of the best medium-size room air purifiers.

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