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How Do I Delete Specific Clips? In fact, it’s unlikely that any of the NVR, DVR, or PC HDD’s individual data may be deleted or managed within a specific time frame. If the HDD is full, as I indicated, there is NO need to remove the CCTV history for ongoing recording. The oldest video clips will automatically be removed.

How Do I Delete Camera Data From My Computer? First, attach security cameras to the computer. Using the file’s storage path, locate the file on the computer. . Choose and remove particular recordings.

How to Remove CCTV Video from an SD Card?

If you only need to: to format and remove CCTV history.

Step 1: Log in to the camera’s Reolink Client account and navigate to the Device Settings page.
Step 2: Locate the Micro SD card information and press the Format button to clear the SD card of all recording files.

How to Delete CCTV Video Footage from DVR/NVR?

And using Reolink cameras as an example, here’s how to erase all video data from a CCTV DVR or NVR:

Connect your DVR or NVR to a monitor in step 1.
In step 2, after logging in, go to the DVR/Device NVR’s Settings.
Locate the disk management option, after which you can format the hard drive to erase all of the video and photo data from your camera. in step3.