Leviton charging station How to use – troubleshooting?


Leviton charging station How to use?

Leviton demonstrates how to operate the Toyota RAV4 EV Level 2 Charging Station. Simply take the connection and insert it into the Toyota RAV4 electric vehicle’s charging port. After a brief exchange between the RAV4 and the charging station, the charging process starts. The Leviton system is charging the vehicle when the charge indicator is blinking. On the RAV4, there are LEDs that indicate how much battery life is still left. The Leviton Car Charging System is hardwired or coaxially linked.

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The device can be mounted indoors or outdoors and is weatherproof. Your Toyota RAV4 EV may be recharged using the Level 2 (240 volt) system in 5 to 6 hours. To obtain your Leviton unit, follow these 5 easy steps:

Leviton charging station troubleshooting – How to install?

Pick a place that will work for the charging station. Preferably a place where you don’t need to use an extension wire to get to your electric panel. At the circuit breaker for your residential or commercial premises, turn off the electricity.

The charging station’s power supply wires should be connected to your breaker panel. To make sure that it complies with your local electrical codes and installation requirements, you might need to consult a skilled electrician when performing this portion.

Prior to mounting the charging station to the bracket, attach the mounting bracket to the wall. Connect the vehicle’s charging wire. Both the Leviton charging station and the circuit breaker should be turned on.

Leviton charging station troubleshooting – How to use EV tester?

Before performing the final installation, Leviton advises using an EV tester. The Leviton EV Series charger functions dependably and offers a smooth charging experience thanks to these devices, which take the required safety precautions. They allow experts to evaluate the charger’s capacity to connect to Wi-Fi networks, maintain a dependable connection, and communicate with external systems or mobile applications through the simulation of a vehicle connection. We advise purchasing a tester.

How to use Leviton apps?

Dimmers, switches, load centers, smart plugs, electric car charging, fan controllers, outlets, motion sensors, and alternatives for homes without neutral wiring are all part of the collection.

My Leviton App EV Chargers - Image
Manage Your Entire Smart Home With One App
  • View all smart devices on one dashboard
  • Schedule charging sessions
  • View charging status
  • Remotely start/stop charging
  • Receive fault notifications
  • And more!

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