Oreck Commercial U2000RB2L-1 reviews


Are Oreck vacuums really that good? It can be used on all surfaces including carpet, wood, laminate and tile with no manual height adjustment. It gets up close to cabinets and baseboards and fits easily under most furniture, clothes racks, chairs and desks. Discover more in Oreck Commercial U2000RB2L-1 reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • 40 ft. Power cord
  • Two Speed QuickSwitch
  • Top-fill design


  • Plastic made

Specs – Oreck Commercial U2000RB2L-1

  • Weighs about 9.1 pounds*
  • Two Speed QuickSwitch™
  • 40 ft. Power cord
  • Long-lasting Endurolife® belt
  • LEED Compliant
  • Hall Effect Sensor Technology shuts down brushroll to protect the motor from unexpected jams
  • Clear, non-marring bumpers and soft wheels
  • Easy-use carry handle
  • Cord guard prevents cord damage
  • High speed, 5,000 – 6,500 RPMs depending on surface.
  • Top-fill design keeps power at maximum even while bag fills
  • Helping Hand® handle makes vacuuming easy
  • For use on all surfaces: carpet, wood, laminate and tile
  • Lies virtually flat to get under furniture
  • 1-Year commercial warranty

Oreck Commercial U2000RB2L-1 reviews


Oreck’s has MicroSweep™ design that allows you to go from one type of floor, like low pile carpet, to another without stopping to adjust the vacuum height. Soft wheels guard your floors from scuffs and scratches, and a protective cord guard reduces the risk of damage. Weighing about 9 pounds*, it’s lightweight and covers a 12″ wide area which makes cleaning easy and quick.


The 40-foot quick-change power cord features a pigtail extension, which lets you vacuum more space without having to constantly stop to find a new outlet. Plus, the power cord is connected to the pigtail cord using a cord clamp, allowing you to easily replace a damaged cord without expensive repairs or re-wiring.


Made with powerful high-speed, balanced, double helix brushes that turn at a maximum of 6500 RPMs, this vacuum can clean any floor!


Unique Hall Effect Sensor Technology shuts down the brush roll to protect the motor from unexpected jams. Plus, advanced circuitry protects the long-lasting Endurolife® belt by shutting the motor off to avoid belt breakage. No more overheating or motor failures!

Dust bag

To keep the power level at a maximum throughout the entire job, the Oreck U2000RB2L-1 features a 630 cubic inch “top fill” bag. Dust, dirt, and debris are fed into the top of the bag and settle into the bottom where it won’t interfere with motor performance.


Moves easily from carpet to hard surfaces with no adjustment, as the soft plastic wheels will not harm any surface. Easy to maneuver and light weight to carry around. Gets in, under and around the furniture with ease. Almost moves itself forward with the roller brush action. Nice long cord and very powerful – sucks up dirt, dog hair, cat hair and even the grand babies crumbles with ease. Get the best tool you can afford and for an upright vacuum that’s an Oreck. 

Alternate of Oreck Commercial U2000RB2L-1

Eureka DashSprint Dual Motor Upright Vacuum With Headlights

The Eureka DashSprint Dual Motor Upright Vacuum is significantly less expensive than the Shark Rotator and Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, and cheaper than most other options we tested. As such, we didn’t have high hopes for its performance, but were pleasantly surprised in all areas.

The Eureka is the lightest of our recommendations, weighing in at just 12.6 pounds, and it was easier to maneuver and carry from one floor to the next than the others. The swivel was the smoothest; it could move on a dime, plus it didn’t get tripped up on high-pile carpets or when transitioning from hard floors to area rugs.

The dustbin is larger than the Bissell’s, 1.5 liters compared to Bissell’s 1, but it needed more frequent emptying since its filter — located in the center of the bin — is larger than the Bissell’s, so we found ourselves needing to clear debris trapped around it more often.

Emptying it was simple enough, using the same process as the others: Just open the latch at the bottom and the debris comes out into the trash can. However, we ended up having to reach into the canister repeatedly to clear out debris by hand.

It comes with a Pet Pal Turbo tool that’s almost identical in design to the Turboeraser that comes with the Bissell. While it wasn’t quite as impressive as the Turboeraser — it occasionally needed two passes instead of one — it did a stellar job 90% of the time.

It had excellent suction power, too. While it didn’t do an exceptional job on hard floors, especially during the cat litter test, it performed well on all carpet heights and the attachments made easy work of cleaning the couch and cat tower.

There’s no lift-off feature, which was kind of a bummer, but the wand does come out of the base to clean harder-to-reach above-the-floor areas. The tube isn’t attached to the wand like the others, so you have to detach the tube from the base then hook it up to the wand before you use it, a straightforward enough but still additional step.

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