Shark IZ163H Pet Plus cordless stick vacuum with self-cleaning brushroll review


Does its self-cleaning brushroll clean pet hair from carpet? Its MultiFLEX technology allows you to bend the wand to clean under furniture, or fold it over for compact, freestanding storage. It has  self-cleaning brushroll for powerful pet hair pickup with no hair wrap. Its anti-allergen technology captures and traps dust, allergens, dander, and more, keeping them out of the air you breathe. Find here everything you want know in Shark IZ163H Pet Plus cordless stick vacuum with self-cleaning brushroll review.

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In the box

  • Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum
  • Dirt compartment
  • Post-motor filter
  • Recharge cable
  • Pre-motor filters (felt and foam)
  • Vacuum head
  • Vacuum body
  • Vacuum wand
  • Upholstery tool
  • Hard bristle brush clip-on
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Crevice tool
  • User guide

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Able to easily clean up small and large debris.
  • Can easily pick up pet hair from all surface types.
  • Fairly easy to maintain and low recurring costs.


  • Small dirt compartment.

Specs – Shark IZ163H Pet Plus cordless stick vacuum with self-cleaning brushroll

  • Cleaning path width 10″
  • Battery voltage 21.6 V
  • Dimensions 46.1 x 10.24 x 7.09 inches
  • Weight 7.17 lbs
  • Bin capacity 10.88 oz
  • Suction power 42 CFM (on the high setting)
  • 27 CFM (on the low setting)
  • Floor compatibility Hard floors, low and medium pile carpet
  • Filter Anti-Allergen Complete Seal + HEPA
  • Expected run-time 40 mins (in MIN mode)
  • Charging time 4 hours
  • LED lights Yes
  • Brush roll auto-cleaning
  • (Zero-M technology) Yes
  • Removable battery Yes
  • Accessories – crevice tool
    • pet multi-tool
    • battery charger
      Noise level 71-79 dB

Shark IZ163H Pet Plus cordless stick vacuum with self-cleaning brushroll review


It’s mostly made from hard plastic except for the wand, which is made of lightweight metal. It could feel a little more sturdy, and its dirt compartment feels like it could crack if dropped. The handle has a rubber grip, and the wand is flexible enough to bend for cleaning under tables or for storing.


With every part assembled, the vacuum measures 10.24 inches long, 7.09 inches wide, and 46.1 inches high. It’s a lightweight stick vacuum that only weighs 7.1 pounds. Most people can use it comfortably, which includes carrying it around. The handheld unit is even lighter and more portable. You can use various attachments with the lift-away, too, which means enhanced versatility.


While the brushroll can’t be removed you can access it by using a coin to unlock three clips and removing the base cover. You don’t need to use scissors to remove wrapped hair, but you can use carpet mode and the hair dislodges itself. However, if you need to, you can also carefully remove debris by hand. Otherwise, this part doesn’t really need much maintenance as it should detangle hair by itself.


It features Shark’s anti-allergen system that keeps particles trapped inside the vacuum. The unit is fully sealed, so allergens do not find an opening to re-enter the room, while a HEPA filter cleans the exhausted air. With these measures, 99.97 of particles as small as 0.3 microns do not leave the vacuum once sucked up.

Post-motor filter: You can only access the post-motor filter after removing the dirt compartment. This part needs to be washed once a month with only water as well, depending on your usage.

Pre-motor filter: There are two pre-motor filters, one foam and one felt. They’re easily accessible when you remove the dirt compartment, and both need to be washed with only water once a month, depending on your usage.

Dirt capacity

The dust bin capacity is almost 11 oz (0.3 dry quarts). Emptying is simple. The dirt compartment is small and need to be emptied quite frequently. It can be removed by pressing its release latch. You can wash it with water, but it can be a little challenging to hand-clean the higher area of the compartment.

Cleaning modes

This vacuum has three different cleaning modes: Hard, Carpet, and Boost. We saw a noticeable difference between the speed of the brush head when switching between Hard and Carpet modes, while the Boost mode momentarily increases the suction power when you squeeze the trigger.

There are two floor settings: one for floors and small area rugs which makes the brushroll spin slower, and a carpet setting which makes the brushroll spins faster. You can also increase its power by pulling on the trigger located near its handle. This activates ‘MAX’ mode and you only need to release the trigger to return back to normal power.

Battery life

it takes under three hours for it to fully charge up again, which is quicker than many other cordless vacuums we’ve tested so far. Its battery also lasts longest when used as a handheld vacuum, as it uses its default power setting. However, if you’re cleaning up a more difficult mess, its “MAX (BOOST)” mode lasts just over ten minutes, so you need to work quickly. Luckily, the vacuum has a battery life LED indicator with three lights that lower to one light when you’re running out of battery life. 

Shark IZ163H Pet Plus cordless stick vacuum with self-cleaning brushroll Performance review

The Pet Plus is a cordless vacuum, with an easily swappable battery, adding versatility. It lasted quite a long time in economical mode — just under 21 minutes — and about 13 minutes in carpet mode. We also found that it charged much faster than the manufacturer listed time in our tests, taking about 2.5 hours to charge, compared to the claimed four hours.

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro is good for high-pile carpet. It’s able to pick up all pet hair and a good amount of large debris like sand. Just like its low-pile performance, it struggles to pick up small debris. At least it performs fairly consistently, even as the dirt compartment fills.

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro is excellent on low-pile carpet. It’s able to pick up all pet hair and it does a better job of picking up almost all large debris than the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate. It struggles a bit more with small debris like baking soda.

Shark IZ163H Pet Plus cordless stick vacuum with self-cleaning brushroll Customer review

You will want to consider this one, nice job Shark

So when this arrived, and I opened it up, what first caught my attention was the lightweight feeling of this product. Now I won’t lie, I’ve always been a believer that if is heavier, it must be better. Don’t listen to your brain when it tells you that because as you use this vacuum, you’ll be thanking Shark for coming up with a lighter weight vacuum because you carry the weight up top, not on the floor.

I was able to use it on multiple surfaces, throw rugs, carpeted stairs, hardwood floors, and I must say it did the job. No hair wrapped around the roller (thank you) and the pivot of the head made it easy to navigate. Most importantly, the little LED’s while not as bright and effective as other Shark vacuums, was enough to see where the hair/dirt was. This is one of the most valuable features of this vacuum, the headlight will help you see what you missed. I’m not a robotic person that neatly does row after row, I just push and hope to get it all – the headlight helps me to realize I’ve missed spots. I can say, you’ll agree how valuable this is on anything other than pile carpet where you can see carpet marks – hardwoods, tile, etc. you don’t get carpet marks, so the headlight is so helpful.

My first run out of the box, without charging the battery, yielded me a bunch of dust and hair. Emptying the canister does take time to remove the wand, then you can empty. It doesn’t just all fall out as I wish it would, I had to pull hair out that was wrapped around the little design on the base of the canister floor – this was a bit disappointing – the door just falls open and hair, dust, etc. is left for gravity to fall out, which it doesn’t, so you will have to deal with pulling this out by hand. The good news is that in the Shark tradition, washable filters are an inexpensive way to keep this vacuum going for years. I didn’t smell any pet odors, so the filtration is working.

You can replace the battery (or buy a spare) and have it ready to squeeze the tabs and replace – that is a great feature because if you plan to do more than “up to 40 minutes” of cleaning, you’ll want to have a spare battery. I used the low and high modes, both with success. Most of my downstairs is tile/hardwood, with accent/throw rugs. The nice thing is that you don’t have to switch heads or anything to go from carpet to hardwood, it just works. And you can switch power while on the go from your fingertips, no reaching/stooping for a switch.

The battery level indicator is on the right side, near the back, so as you turn your head towards it, you’ll see how you are doing with remaining battery. I was able to accomplish the downstairs, and stairs, with a 1/2 charged battery out of the box without recharging. I’d say that is pretty good.

I would like to have seen a brighter headlight, and maybe even a powered mini-furniture/beater brush attachment. However, for the money, this is a decent value considering some of the other battery vacuums I’ve either owned or tried that cost around the same amount.

By stevefromtheburbs at Best Buy

Alternate of Shark IZ163H Pet Plus cordless stick vacuum with self-cleaning brushroll


Best cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair


Best for: Vacuuming up hairDust bin capacity: 0.4ltrsWeight: 7lb.Noise: 81dBBattery life: 50 minutesWarranty: 3 years


+Headlights useful for cleaning under sofa+Tangle-free brushes+Wall bracket for charging +Impressive design details


-Small dust bin-Heavier to use than someT

While engineered for households with pets, don’t let the name fool you, anyone looking for a beautifully engineered vacuum will enjoy the Bissell Icon Pet Pro, combining the best in design, performance, and price.

Design and technical features

With thoughtful features such as the LED lights on the floorhead and crevice tool and a charging stand (which needs to be screwed to the wall), this vac should make it a definite for your shortlist. And the addition of rose-gold accents feels very chic.

 And we haven’t even gotten started talking about the power, a 25V Lithium-Ion Battery for fade-free suction. Other user-friendly elements include the tangle-free brush roll, a must-have for any vacuum marketed for pet owners that is effective in leaving no-hair wrap behind, and the Clean Slide technology for easy dust bin removal for as little contact with dirt as possible.

When hanging on the charging stand, the floor head hangs down and lays fairly flat to the wall when charging. It also easily swivels for ultimate maneuverability, and we’re pleased to report that the tangle-free brush roll, is the real deal when it comes to having to deal with accumulated strands of hair.


This cordless vacuum comes with a variety of tools designed to tackle pet hair including a Motorized TurboBrush, LED Lighted Crevice Tool, Pet Dusting Brush, and Flexible Crevice Tool. The LED-lighted crevice tool feels especially luxe for getting a good look at tight corners.  

Additionally, a soft-roller brush head can easily be swapped into the vacuum for cleaning hard floors, or you can use 

Overall, It’s a sleek, easy-to-use cordless vacuum cleaner that offers good results on hard flooring and carpet, and cleans up after your pets. The 50-minute run time is ample time to get through a cleaning job, and we enjoyed the small design details like the LED crevice tool,  progress indicator on the inside of the charging dock, and simply how easy it is to mount the dock level.  

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