Lockly Vision smart lock with video doorbell reviews – does it have motion detection?


Does it have motion detection? It contains an integrated door sensor and a built-in camera. There are five methods for unlocking your door: a built-in keypad, a fingerprint scanner, the Lockly smartphone app, voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and of course a standard key. Discover more in Lockly Vision smart lock with video doorbell reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • A local video archive
  • No requirement for a membership to the cloud
  • Voice commands for a fingerprint sensor
  • high-security keypad
  • enough battery life
  • Wworks with Google and Alexa
  • Ample storage on companion hub
  • No need for a cloud subscription


  • Installing is difficult
  • Hub requires ethernet.

Lockly Vision smart lock with video doorbell Specs

  • Integrations for Bluetooth and
  • Wi-Fi Installation of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Mobile
  • Geofencing/Location Services Exterior Escutcheon and Interior Escutcheon App
  • Absence of Guest Access
  • No Tamper Alarm
  • Yes, touchpad
  • Yes Voice Activation


Although it costs $400, which is a little more than what we’re used to seeing for a smart lock, it may be justified if you want quality and versatility because of all the amazing features it has. Here is what I discovered after experimenting with this lock at home.

Lockly Vision smart lock with video doorbell reviews

Build & Design

The exterior facing lock of the Lockly Vision measures 7 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches, while the interior is 7.8 x 3.1 x 2 inches. The Kwikset Halo is slightly smaller than this. It is heavier than 3 pounds. It is a wireless doorbell, combination deadbolt lock, and front-door camera.

There are no fewer than five ways to unlock your door, including an integrated keypad, a fingerprint reader, the Lockly smartphone app, voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and of course a standard key. In addition to the built-in camera, it also has an integrated door sensor that can tell you if it is open.


The Vision Connect Hub, a bridge that requires both wall power and an ethernet connection hooked into your wireless network, is its counterpart.

The hub features a single 2.5-inch antenna, a LAN interface, a power port, two status LEDs, and measures 0.5 by 4.4 by 3.9 inches (for power and internet).


It is possible to programme the digital keys so that they are only functional for a specific period of time. Even better, these keys function even when the lock is not online, which is quite useful if your home’s internet access is unreliable.

Door bell camera

An additional degree of security is provided by the Vision’s integrated doorbell camera. Visit the app, activate the camera, and you may see who is at your door. You can activate the lock, start a video recording, or ask for assistance while you’re watching the livestream. Through the two-way audio capability, you can converse with the person at your door as well as hear them.

Field vision

The field of vision is constrained. Visitors’ faces will be visible, but you won’t be able to tell if there is mail on your porch. It also lacks sensing features that can let you know if a person, animal, or item is on your porch, unlike many doorbell cameras. Additionally, you are unable to change the area in which the camera takes pictures.

PIN shuffle

The system has space for 99 fingerprints and up to 50 offline access codes, but oddly only 16 online codes. The touchscreen’s digital keypad has a patented PIN Genie that randomly shuffles the numbers so that they are different each time it is used.

Your fingertips will leave marks on the PIN digits you employ, making it slightly simpler for a burglar to decipher your secret. Therefore, I find it rather ingenious that the Vision moves the numerals on the keypad so that they are in a different location each time you hit the pad.

Fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor is yet another noteworthy feature. This sensor can store up to 99 distinct fingerprints and do a 3D scan. Potential thieves cannot hold up an image of your fingerprint for the scanner because of the 3D design. Actually, the sensor is able to distinguish between a finger and an image.

Emergency unlock

If the smart lock battery is fully dead, you can attach a 9-volt battery to a position right below the keyhole on the Vision Elite. The smart lock should have just enough power from the 9 Volt battery to unlock the door if necessary.

App – Lockly Vision smart lock with video doorbell

Different user types, such as permanent, time-limited, and one-time-use types, can be added using the app. Unlocking codes can be added for offline usage or online use (in which PINs are transmitted by email or text and linked to a particular contact on your phone) (where you communicate the PIN via other means). The software makes it simple to enrol fingerprints as well.

You may allow access to the door from anywhere using the Lockly app. When you need to open the door for someone when you’re not there, this capability comes in handy. Additionally, the app displays the deadbolt’s state, including whether it is locked or unlocked.

Lockly Vision smart lock with video doorbell consumer reviews

So Many Options to Unlock the Door!!

The Lockly Vision is excellent! I have owned other keypad locks and the buttons have worn out to the point where you can tell what numbers have been repeatedly punched and someone could easily watch you enter your code. I have also had WIFI enabled locks that connect to your phone or fob to lock/unlock the door but have never been reliable enough to ditch my keys. This lock solves those problems. I now have no worries about leaving the house without my keys. Packed with Features: In my opinion the best part about the lock is the fingerprint scanner. It stores up to 100 fingerprints and works quickly and consistently. The second option is using your code on the touch screen which is also very responsive and has two options for settings. One where the numbers move after each touch (safer but a little slow to enter your code) and one where the numbers only move each time you use it. Third option is locking/unlocking through WIFI using the Lockly app. Fourth option is the key that comes with the lock. And a fifth option, if you are inside your house, is to use Alexa to control your lock. The app works well and has many functions such as: adjusting lock settings, monitoring battery status, and managing access (permanent codes, fingerprints, temporary E-badges, and temporary access codes) You can also view video and manage the storage which backs up to an included SD card. The camera is the one area where the lock could use some improvement. It is clear in the daylight, but fairly grainy at night. The camera is only triggered by someone tampering with the lock or ringing the built in doorbell (which is sufficiently loud inside the house). But I was surprised there was no motion sensor. Also, the camera is mounted at an upward angle, which is great for looking at someone standing directly in front of it, but I have steps leading up to my door so it doesn’t work out so well (see attached screenshot). It does have a wide angle lens so I don’t see the need for the upward angle. It would help for it to be mounted level or adjustable to account for different situations. One other cool feature is the switch on the inside of the door that disables the keypad (see green dot on interior image attached). When you unlock the door to exit it automatically flips the switch and reactivates the keypad. Installation: The lock was very easy to install and all the components feel premium. It took me about an hour from start to finish and I was taking my time. It comes with paper instructions but also includes directions to access a 3D installation manual through the BILT app on your phone or tablet, which I really liked. It came with two different size plates for the door side but only one size (larger) for the frame side. The smaller one fit the existing cut out on my door and frame so on the frame side I just left the existing plate which worked fine. The only thing I didn’t like about the install was that the upper part of the lock (inside and out) and the open/close sensor is attached to the door with a double sided tape. This is concerning because the tape was custom shaped and pre installed on the lock so I wonder how it is going to work if I ever want to move the lock to another door. This lock also comes with the WIFI hub that is needed to connect it to the internet and allow you to control and adjust settings from your phone. The setup was simple. I did have a few connection errors when setting up my keypad code but after a few tries it worked and I have had no problems since. Definitely recommend this lock!!

By jdyer55 at LOCKLY

FAQs on Lockly Vision smart lock with video doorbell

Is Lockly Vision smart lock safe?

After three unsuccessful attempts in a row, the lock enters Safe Mode, and the camera starts filming whoever is at the door. To exit Safe Mode, the correct code must be entered two times, or a fingerprint must be used.

How long is battery life in Lockly Vision smart lock?

With a set of brand-new AA batteries, the Vision can operate for up to a year. According to the app, the battery is still at 100% after using the lock for roughly a week. Given how demanding video streaming normally is for the battery, it is consoling to know, but we’re still interested in how it holds up after a month.

What is the warranty level in Lockly Vision?

The Lockly Vision seems like it will last a very long time because it is incredibly durable and functional in temperatures between -4 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. A 2-year electronics warranty and a limited 5-year mechanical and finish warranty are also included.

How does Lockly Vision smart lock work?

The Lockly app notifies your phone when the doorbell button is pressed, and the smart lock begins recording. You can talk to each other while viewing the guest at the door using the 2-Way Talk function of the Lockly app. I was pleasantly delighted by the smart lock’s audio’s decent sound quality and by how loud and clear it is.

Do you need subscription for Lockly Vision smart lock?

On the included microSD card in the Connect Hub, the recorded videos are kept locally. As a result of the films being locally stored, a Cloud Subscription is not required. There are also no monthly or yearly expenses because a Cloud Subscription is not required.

Lockly Vision smart lock with video doorbell alternative

Nest Doorbell (battery)

The most recent Google Nest wireless doorbell costs $180 on average, though it occasionally goes on sale. Whether you have doorbell wiring or not, it’s simple to set up. There is a newer Nest Doorbell, but it is connected. Simple installation combined with free, out-of-the-box smarts including alerts for packages, people, vehicles, and animals as well as three hours of event storage.

While these capabilities won’t compare to the ones you receive with a subscription—with Nest Aware or another service, like Ring’s or Arlo’s—they’re a great place to start if you’re just looking to test out a video doorbell. a pleasant bonus Additionally compatible with Google Assistant-enabled gadgets like the Nest Hub is the Nest Doorbell (battery).

Consumers who value their privacy should be aware that, in exceptional emergencies, Google complies with warrantless demands for video, about which you can learn more here. While video processed by Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video uses end-to-end encryption, which prevents Apple or any other third parties from viewing it at all, other firms, including Arlo and Wyze, refuse to release footage without a warrant or subpoena requiring them to do so.

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