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What is the Best Bissell carpet cleaner Solution and should I use alternative? Make sure you only use portable carpet cleaning formula in portable deep cleaning machines and upright formula in upright machines. If you don’t follow this rule, you run the risk of not achieving your best clean! How you can find the best formula for pet messes? Where you can buy Best Bissell carpet cleaner Solution at best price?

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What is the Best Bissell carpet cleaner Solution price?

BISSELL Carpet Shampoo

The Bissell shampoo is another powerhouse with twice the concentration as compared to other formulas out there. It removes stubborn pet stains and odors, leaving the carpet clean and odorless. It is a versatile shampoo that you can use in any upright carpet cleaning machine. Thanks to its powerful OXY formula and freshness, it efficiently eliminates tough stains and smells right from the source. 

The Scotchgard protector not only helps with the removal of present stains but also protects against future stains. It contains no toxic compounds such as heavy metals, dyes, or phosphates, which is why it is safe to use around kids and pets. Moreover, biodegradable ingredients are used in the product, so it is eco-friendly.PROS

  • It is best for large and heavy traffic areas due to its twice concentration
  • It is safe and biodegradable as it does not contain heavy metals 
  • It works perfectly with all the upright carpet cleaning machines


  • It does not eliminate pet urine in one wash

Bissell 74R7 Portable Machine Formula

The 2x professional deep cleaning formula from Bissell is unique, as it contains no harmful matter, such as:

  1. dyes;
  2. phosphates;
  3. heavy metals;
  4. optical brighteners.

It means that it’s completely safe for the pets and all family members, including kids and elderly people. I’ve used the Bissell formula during the whole summer and didn’t notice any impact on my large or small pets.

The Bissell carpet shampooer is designed for various portable carpet cleaners, including compact and deep cleaning machines that are promoted under Bissell or Dirt Devil, Rug Doctor brands. It works also in all kinds of steamers that could be necessary to remove mold together with spores, and dangerous bacteria. Does your pet adore sleeping on the floor or upholstery, chewing the fabric sometimes and spending a lot of time there? If so, regular deep cleaning is recommended to avoid any health issues.

The Bissell solution is concentrated, so a couple ounces are enough to fill the carpet cleaner every time. It is recommended for heavy traffic areas, being really efficient. Use it on the furniture upholstery, watersafe and colorfast fabrics and, of course, stain-resistant carpets. Just test a small fabric area beforehand, and clean it regularly, if everything is ok.

Bissell Wash & Refresh Carpet Cleaner

We tested this detergent on wine, coffee and animal stains – none of which posed a challenge. Only the most ingrained, old stains could be made out – and even those were faint. Its deodorising feature works well, leaving behind a light, surprisingly natural fragrance. This environmentally friendly, highly concentrated liquid does a great job of revitalising carpets too – and a little goes a long way. Bissell recommends only using it with its branded carpet cleaners, but customer reviews online suggest it works with all major brands of cleaners. We tried it with a Bisell Pro-Heat 2X Revolution and a full-sized non-Bissell machine of similar worth. The results were indeed better with the former, but that may be partly because the machine itself is super-impressive. It still did a good job with the latter.

Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Carpet Shampooer

Having no education or background in the field of chemistry, I prefer to put trust in Bissell Homecare Company. It is family-owned, based in the USA, and it has a great, 140-years background, offering efficient, innovative cleaning solutions formulas nowadays.

One of them, and the most powerful, I think, is Bissell 78H6B cleaning shampoo. Its formula is proven, leading and recognized as an unbeatable one as it’s evaluated by EPA, being really safe and environment-friendly. Therefore, I recommend all families with little kids and pets use the Bissell carpet cleaner liquid at homes and professionals at the workplaces.

Meanwhile, the solution is concentrated, containing 2X or even more cleaning agents. The Triple-action formula helps your cherished stuff remain clean and odor-free longer, looking good and attractive. The shampooer that is produced and promoted by the famous Bissell company, comes with Scotchgard stain protection that implies not only deep clean but further fiber protection against the future wine, pet and food stains.
It places a reliable barrier on the surface. Therefore, the fabric’ or carpeting’s life is efficiently prolonged and it remains clean, bright and neat. The odor will be successfully eliminated, so my guests may not know that I have pets until they appear in the room.

Bissell 95C9 Stain Remover

The solution that is promoted as non-aerosol spray, coming in the smallest bottle among the available perfect products. Thus, I should really work well!

The Bissell spray is based on the innovative oxygen technology that is patented, being really powerful. It is environmentally-friendly, using oxygen bubbles to clean the carpet, releasing and lifting stains. Quite naturally, the solution is non-toxic, having nearly the same power as the chemicals such as bleach or ammonia.

Thus, the Bissell solution removes al carpet stains and spots, including tough ones, as well as:

  1. odors;
  2. mildew;
  3. mold;
  4. beverage stains;
  5. mud and dirt;
  6. oil and grease.

The Bissell cleaner spray is incredibly efficient against new pet stains, such as blood, urine, vomit, feces, etc. It penetrated deep to the carpet fibers, up to the backing, removing the smallest and larger particles of dirt.

On older stains, I use a lot of sprays, leaving it for an hour or two, and remove the liquid with a paper towel. The carpet remains bright and clean for several days, at least, until my playful pets make an additional mess.

What are the Best Bissell carpet cleaner Solution alternative?

Dyson Zorb Powder

No water or scrubbing is required with this handy powder from one of the biggest names in the carpet-cleaning industry. Made up of millions of tiny sponges designed to absorb any dirt, you sprinkle it onto the affected area, leave it for 20 minutes, then simply vacuum it up. We found it worked a treat on wool and stain-resistant carpets, but the powder is liable to blow out everywhere, if you use too much; you’ll need a powerful vacuum cleaner to do the job properly.

Brownie points awarded for it being good for both stains and regularly freshening up your carpet – for the latter, sprinkle it sparingly over the area desired, and leave it on for an extra 10 minutes or so, before vacuuming up.

Kirby Carpet Shampoo

Kirby shampoo is a superior carpet cleaning solution formulated using lavender scent to give the heavenly fragrance after cleaning your carpet. It is a heavy-duty formula that cleans your carpet by removing the tough stains and odor, leaving your carpet with a crystal finish, like a new product. Moreover, it controls pet dander allergens. So, it is non-toxic for your pets and family. You can use this cleaner with all the other products of kirby carpet shampoo systems and sprayers. PROS

  • It is a carpet-safe product, so you use can it hassle-free
  • It cleans and deodorizes in one step, leaving no dirt-attracting residue
  • The enzymes present in the formula attacks the odor and removes it completely
  • It is safe for pets and children as it kills the pet dander allergens


  • it is an expensive product but comes with good quality and quantity

Zep Carpet Shampoo

The Zep All-Purpose shampoo is a concentrated, heavy-duty, and multipurpose deep cleansing formula for carpets and upholstery. It is a low-foaming formula that contains DuPont stain-resistant additives to clean your carpet fibers. Moreover, this carpet cleaner is ready-to-use and formulated with industrial detergents to remove set-in stains, dirt, and odor. This super-concentrated formula is specially designed for use in steam carpet cleaning machines. It is safe to use around children and pets. When used correctly, it penetrates deep into your carpet fibers, wiping away all the stains and dirt. PROS

  • Works great for frequent carpet cleaning needs
  • Can be used as an instant spot cleaner when diluted and sprayed on the surface
  • A versatile product as it is compatible with the popular carpet cleaning machines


  • It is not suitable for fragrance-sensitive people

Nature’s Miracle Carpet Shampoo

Nature’s Miracle is a well-reputed brand that is known for its high-quality carpet shampoos. This cleaning solution is concentrated with a phosphate-free formula that works on embedded stains and odor. Moreover, it is introduced with bio-enzymatic odor locking technology, which locks the odor, resulting in fresh, clean, and aromatic carpets. Also, this carpet cleaner is safe to use around pets and kids. Now, you can throw a party at your home without worrying about your carpet as you can count on this product.PROS

  • It is formulated using safe ingredients that can be used in a house with pets and children
  • It deep cleans your carpet fibers and upholstery with its phosphate-free formula
  • It can be used with or without a carpet cleaning machine


  • It may be not pleasant to some fragrance-sensitive people

OxiClean Carpet Shampoo

Do your carpets a favor and give them a good cleaning with OxiClean carpet cleaner. The deep cleansing formula of the cleaner eliminates all the tough stains from carpets and rugs easily. You can clean these stubborn spots without making several passes. For deep cleaning action, you can use it with any carpet cleaning machine. It uses the power of oxygen to deeply clean the carpet fibers and lift away dirt and stains, making it look new again.PROS

  • The shampoo is easy to use as you don’t have to mix it with other cleaning products
  • It is compatible with any carpet cleaning machine, making it a versatile product
  • It can be used as a pre-treat tough stain remover 


  • Some people find its smell unpleasant 

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