BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299 review


This BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299 is also capable of removing things like pet hair and other pet messes. it has been designed to remove nasty pet stains that many other carpet cleaners are unable to properly clean. These pet stains can be things like urine and other bodily fluids. Find details in BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299 review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and put together
  • Comes with cleaning solution
  • Easy to clean after
  • Good suction and no leaks!!


  • Short cord,
  • Small waste compartment
  • No rubber squeegee

Specs – BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299

  • Item: BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299
  • Color: Black, Pearl White, Sparkle Silver & Disco Teal
  • Brush System: 10 Row XL DirtLifter PowerBrush
  • Weight1: 2.34 lbs
  • Carry Handle: Yes
  • Clean Tank Capacity: 3/8 Gallon
  • Power Cord Length: 20′
  • Power Rating: 3 Amps
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Brush On Off Switch: No
  • Hose Length: N/A
  • Surface Type: Low Pile Carpet, Carpet, Area Rugs, Bare Floors, Sealed Hard Floors
  • Cleaning Path Width: 9.5″
  • Edge Sweep Brushes: No

Compare BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299 vs ProHeat Essential (1887)

JetScrub Pet (25299)ProHeat Essential (1887)Revolution Pet Pro (1986)
Type of CleaningUpright CompactUpright Full SizeUpright Full Size
Why BuyClean Spots and StainsClean Carpet & UpholsteryDeep Clean Pet Messes
Tank Size1/2 gallon1 gallon1 gallon
Weight13.7 lb.19.75 lb.17.5 lb.
CleanShot Pretreater
Above Floor Cleaning
Express Clean Mode
Easy Cleanup FeaturesRemovable Nozzle/Brush RollRemovable NozzleRemovable Nozzle
Collapsible Handle
Electronic Finger Tip Controls
LED Headlights

BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299 review


Measuring at 15 x 10 x 44 inches, it weighs just under 13-pounds. It has a nice sleek design. To enhance the experience, this carpet cleaner comes with a collapsible handle. Just take the handle, collapse it down, and the carpet cleaner will become smaller. Once the carpet cleaner is smaller, you can then place it into a closet, or some other small space.Brushes

This device relies on the XL Dirt Lifter Power Brush. The XL Dirt Lifter Power Brush contains ten rows of bristles. Each one of these rows contains bristles that are dense, thick, and reliable.

You can use these bristles to scrub away stains and messes of all sorts. They can remove dirt, gunk, grime, and hair; among various other types of materials.

LED Indicator

One of the other nice design features this carpet cleaner offers is a set of LED headlights. Furthermore, these LED headlights are great for seeing into tight, dark spaces with very little light. Each one of these LED headlights can be used to illuminate stains and messes that you may not be able to see.


Right on top of this carpet cleaner, near the handle, there’s a set of buttons. Each one of these buttons is labeled, and accessible. If there is a carpet cleaning mode you wish to activate, you can just press the button that corresponds to that particular mode.

How does it function – BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299?

With the CleanShot PreTreater, you are able to spray water onto your carpet, and this loosens up and breaks down the stains and messes that you are cleaning. But, it also helps to loosen up things like dirt, dust, and pet hair.

Bissell includes two bottles of cleaning solution, so that you can mix the water with the cleaning solution when you first purchase this machine.

With the suction system, while you are using this upright carpet cleaner, you are able to suck up most of the water that has been sprayed onto your carpet, as well as plenty of the material.

 Then, when you’re done using this carpet cleaner, you can detach the brushes and wash them out in the sink, which makes for a quick and easy carpet cleaning process.

BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299 Performance review

Its compact design makes maneuvering it as easy as vacuuming! No need to wait for your carpet to dry, thanks to Express Clean Mode which dries carpets in an hour or less. And when you’re done cleaning, maintaining this machine is a breeze with the EZ Clean Up design that lets you remove the brush roll, nozzle, and dirty water tank, so all you have to do is rinse them in the sink.

Better at wet cleaning carpets and hard floors than Crosswave, but not good for dry vacuuming. The narrower suction head opening prevents picking up large particles or clumps of hair, so you still need to vacuum before using Jetscrub. Small reservoirs mean Jetscrub needs emptying and refilling solution often for anything other than spot cleaning or small rooms. Still, much lighter and more compact than a traditional carpet cleaner.

BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299 review

Great Light-Weight Carpet Cleaner Pets or Not

When I received the Bissell Jetscrub Pet 2529 Series lightweight carpet cleaner, the first thing I noticed was how light the box was for a carpet cleaner.

After opening the box, the next thing I found, was how simple it was to assemble the machine and to get it running. The provided instructions are simple and make it simple to know what you are to do. The handle is really the only thing to assemble to the machine and it snaps on easily – just make sure to put enough pressure on it to ensure that the plug engages completely, or you will end up with intermittent power to the machine (I made this mistake).

Once the handle is on, you can fill the clean water tank to the appropriate lines with water and cleaning solution (see picture). Once filled, the carpet cleaner is ready to go.

Though this machine is advertised for usage on pet problems and the sample bottle of cleaning solution is specified for cleaning pet urine, I used it on a very stained carpet downstairs, where shrimp cocktail sauce had been spilt and never cleaned up properly by hand. I followed the instructions and pre-treated the stains with Bissell Stain Pretreat and let stand for 10 minutes.

Then I used the Jetscrub on the stains and the surrounding area, by spraying with the Cleanshot using the Solution Spray Trigger. It did a marvelous job lifting the stains and noticeably cleaning a carpet that I didn’t think was so dirty. It was so easy, that I cleaned more than I originally intended. The only issue was that the clean water tank is not huge, so it will need multiple refills for large areas.

I will be purchasing more carpet cleaning solution and plan to tackle my carpeted basement stairs next.

The Bissell Bissell Jetscrub Pet 2529 Series lightweight carpet cleaner is well built, easy to use and does the job well! I would suggest this to anyone.

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Alternate of BISSELL JetScrub Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 25299

Bissell Powerglide

Bissell Powerglide pet vacuum cleaner can be classified as a portable bagless upright that doubles as a stick vacuum thanks to the Lift Off technology that lets you detach the dirt canister and motor from the vacuum’s body. This dual functionality makes it equally suitable for vacuuming bare floors and carpets and cleaning stairs and above-floor surfaces. Its most valued qualities include great lightness, easy navigation, and great efficiency in removing pet hair from bare floors, low-pile carpets, carpeted stairs, upholstery, and even car interiors.

Bissell Powerglide is a cordless vacuum equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 36 V. The battery delivers up to 45 minutes of run time with a single charge and takes 2-4 hours to fully recharge.

The fully assembled vacuum weighs 11 pounds and measures 43.89 x 11.02 x 10.43 inches (HWD). Its cleaning path measures 10.75 inches. Its hose is only 6 feet long, but the vacuum comes with an extension wand that (together with the hose) provides a cleaning reach of about 10 feet.

In addition to the extension wand, the vacuum’s accessory pack includes a 2-in-1 crevice and dust brush tool. Bissell Powerglide comes with a 2-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The key features of this vacuum include dual-cyclone technology that ensures invariable edge-to-edge suction, Lift Off technology that lets you detach the canister and the motor from the vacuum’s body, which is particularly useful in stair and car vacuuming, swivel steering for easy navigation around furniture, easy-empty, bottom-release dirt cup, automatic height adjustment, and power brush on/off switch for effortless transition from bare floors to carpets and vice versa.

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