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Unblock Tech Ubox 10 Pro Max 2024 review

Unblock Tech Ubox 10 Pro Max 2024 review


What is the upgrade in Unblock tech ubox 10 Pro Max 2024 review? UBOX10 Pro is able to be used anywhere in the globe and has no regional restrictions. Even though you are thousands of kilometers away, enjoy the same. Enjoy every amazing moment with UBOX10, no matter what time zone you’re in or the time of day. What is the Unblock Tech Ubox 10 Pro Max 2024 review price? The UBox 10 has a specialized Mali-G31 6-core GPU in addition to a powerful H618 Quad core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU. It also has 64GB of flash memory and 4GB of DDR3 RAM. Watch more than 14,230 movies and 2000+ free live TV channels. Find more in Unblock Tech Ubox 10 Pro Max 2024 review.

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Unblock Tech UBOX10 Pro Max 2024 review YouTube video

Unblock Tech Ubox 10 Pro Max 2024 review

Unblock Tech UBOX10 Pro Max 2024


In the box

  • 1x Unblock UBox 10 Pro Max TV box
  • 1x BT AI remote controller
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x HDMI cable
  • 1x Power Adaptor (Default US/UK Socket)

Pros & Cons


  • 6K HD picture quality
  • Faster processor H618
  • High speed storage 4GB RAM & 64GB storage
  • AI enabled voice remote


  • Secret code for channel

Specs – Unblock Tech Ubox 10 Pro Max 2024

  • Item: Unblock Tech UBOX10 Pro Max 2024
  • H616 processor: High speed operation
  • Large memory: 4G+ 64GB capacity
  • 6K HDR: Better picture quality
  • Dual-band WIFI: 2.4G+5G dual-band WIFI
  • AI voice system: Support search, play control and other functions.
  • The newly upgraded H616 processor reduces power consumption and improves performance.
  • The 4GB DDR3 memory doubles the speed, provides smooth operation, and greatly improves user experience.
  • Double the memory, install more exciting apps, and make an old TV look new and timeless.
  • 300+ CDN nodes worldwide: This makes our equipment faster and more stable.
  • High definition – 6K HDR without buffering
  • A new and upgraded visual experience,
  • Using the new generation of intelligent color 3.3 picture engine,
  • The picture quality is clearer and the picture is more vivid and smooth.
  • 10 data centers, 30+ countries and regions, 300+CDN nodes
  • Unblock UBOX 10 intelligent voice system
  • Wireless signal – 2.4G/5G dual-band WIFI

Unblock Tech Ubox 10 Pro Max 2024 Price

Unblock Tech UBOX10 Pro Max 2024 costs around $238 and available in major retailers.


When I had version 8, the UI responded very slowly. The situation has significantly improved once this version 10 were replaced. To get the remote to operate, you actually have to point it approximately two feet horizontally in front of the box. Any other orientation or angle is insufficient. In Unblock Tech UBOX10 Pro Max, AI remote has much improved.

Unblock Tech Ubox 10 Pro Max 2024 review


The box itself has a fantastic design and is really attractive.It measures 4.3 × 4.3 x 0.56 inches (10.9 x 10.9 x 1.4 cm) and weighs only 1.26 pounds (0.57 kg). The device is tiny and compact. As of right now, the UBOX line of TV boxes comes in just white.


HDMI output 1 × HDMI2.0
USB port 2 × USB 2.0
Audio input 1 × 3.5mm headphone jack
The internet 1 × RJ45 LAN port
Power supply 1 × DC Jack
Card reader 1 × MicroSD(TF) Slot
antenna Built-in Wi-Fi antenna


In terms of surfing and navigating, the box is quick, and the Bluetooth remote control functions flawlessly. With the latest powerful Android 12.0 operating system, support for 5G, Google Voice assistant, and an Allwinner H618 64-bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, the Unblock Tech UBOX Generation 10th UBOX10 Pro Max bids adieu to Caton in favor of a more reliable and swifter processor.


It has the ability to produce 6K resolution that resulted faster decoding and smooth viewing experience. You can view ultra clear and detailed-delicate picture.

Storage & memory

The 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM high-speed flash memory that comes with the UBOX 10 gives it double the storage capacity and greatly increases box reliability by preventing crashes brought on by low memory. To increase storage, it also supports Micro SD (TF) cards and an additional hard drive.Additionally, UHQ 6K 60fps hardware decoding is supported. clearer, more colorful images.

Smart feature & apps

Because the UBOX 10 Pro MAX runs the Android operating system, you may install additional apps like Netflix, YouTube, and other games and media players that are compatible with Android. Popular media figures from Asia are also available for selection. Simply choose “UPMOVIE” to view every movie. There are more than 14,230 films available! To access more than 2,000 live TV channels, choose “LIVE TV” or “UPLIVE.”A four-digit pin is required to access the adult channel known as “Secret Cinema.”

UBOX 10 channel list

Additionally, you can view more than 2000 free live TV stations globally. ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, and other clear and crisp local city TV networks are just a few examples.The whole family may watch a wide range of popular TV series, documentaries, adult and children’s animation, and movies on a compact TV box.

You may get a vast array of TV channels (including LIVE sports) from the UK, US, Canada, and South East Asia, including TV stations from Hong Kong, Taiwan, most of China, Japan, Singapore, and many more, by simply selecting LIVE TV or UPLIVE. We also have a ton of movies and shows.

Global CDN for global viewers

It operates out of ten data centers. With 200 CDN cloud platforms, it covers more than 30 nations and regions.

Unblock Tech Ubox 10 Pro Max 2024 Setup

The UBOX 10 Pro MAX is incredibly simple to set up. Simply connect the HDMI wire to the TV, plug in the power cable, and LAN cable. A blue LED lighting strip that runs around the bottom of the TV box illuminates when you first turn it on. The two AAA batteries needed for the remote control are not included.The UBOX 10 Pro Max needs to be connected to the internet either over LAN or WiFi as the following step. Other settings that you might need to modify or tweak include BT and device preferences, network and internet settings, and display settings for TV screen calibration.

Is there Unblock Tech reset button and how to reset ?

Reset buttons are not physically present in Unblock Tech UBOX10 Pro Max 2023 devices. Please download and install the UBTV apps if your ubtv box allows you to open Internet Explorer or Chrome. Kindly select the ‘Settings’ gear icon among the apps, then select Backup & Reset. Select the Restore box and then select Clear all data.

What is the Unblock TV box secret code?

Unblock TV Box secret code can be accessed in two different ways. Choose “live broadcast” from UBTV, then select the channel list and look for the program list’s last column. You’ll be requested to enter a password; type 1818 there. It is not possible to change the password during the live broadcast. Choose “Private Theater” from UB Movies, then confirm the password by entering 1818. (By changing the password, you can access your settings. Choose Video Settings > Change Password> Set Password. 1818 is the initial password.

Does UBOX10 Pro Max have 3 minutes delay?

Indeed, there is a few-minute delay when watching live TV on the UBOX10 Pro Max. Two possible causes for delays exist. It’s likely that broadcasters use delays to filter out content of a regulatory nature (e.g., the host loses it and swears). Afterwards, there is a technical lag in the process of recording the live broadcast, digitizing it, encoding it for different media (TV, mobile, 4K, 2K, etc.), and then sending a massive amount of data to hundreds of thousands of devices worldwide.

The ability to stream BBC content without a VPN connection was convenient, but it is no longer available. Perhaps the anti-piracy thugs were able to shut them down. Since that’s Unblock Tech’s primary selling point for moving these units, I hope they can figure out a method to get these channels back. Although the on-demand X films and VIP movies are a great addition, most people purchase this box just to watch the sports channels!

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